Happy Endings Book Club Series

Bad Boy Done Wrong (A One Night Stand Romantic Comedy‪)‬

Happy Endings Book Club Series, Book 5

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Publisher Description

Her plan was foolproof…

Good girl nurse Carrie Young only has to catch one glimpse of bad boy Zach Harrison with his wild hair, full beard, and hooded eyes to know he’s exactly what she needs to get over all those wasted years with a repressed and controlling ex. Full seduction ahead! 

Only the next morning, her bad boy doesn’t disappear after having his wicked way with her and he’s making her breakfast! What the fudge! Did she do the bad boy thing all wrong?

Zach’s no dummy. He knows a good thing when it falls into his lap. And if that means pretending to be a bad boy, he’s game. No harm in a little role play, he figures. Besides, his work as an anthropologist will soon take him overseas. He’s destined to be a lone wolf forever—near the action, not embroiled in it—great for his career and for ruining relationships. In the meantime, there’s one naughty girl in need of a bad boy and he aims to please.

If you like quirky small towns and witty banter, you'll love the Happy Endings Book Club series!


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Customer Reviews

Nanakay2 ,

Carrie and the "Bad Boy"

This is a great addition to the Happy Endings book club series! I was gifted an advance copy of the book and offer here my honest opinion.

Carrie has the reputation of being a good girl and has just broken up with her boyfriend who was not what he pretended to be. She is tired of the “good guys” and wants to hook-up with a bad boy to shed her good girl image. So, she creates a wish list of things she will do with a bad boy if she can find one!

Zach is an anthropologist who is on a sabbatical from research in Indonesia and is supposed to be writing a book. As a teenager, he became part of the Campbell clan as a foster child so he is very comfortable as part of the gang. He and Carrie encounter each other in the bar where the gang hangs out and in a case of slightly mistaken identity, Carrie assumes he is a “bad boy” and that is where the fun begins!

In a moment of weakness, she shares her “wish list” with him and they set out to accomplish everything on the list. Zach does not let on who he really is as he enjoys spending time with her and wants to keep her safe from real bad boys who could take advantage of her.

They set a time limit on finishing the list as they both have commitments that will take them away for the next two years. But as the time gets closer to ending their fling, it is evident that it will be harder than they thought to say goodbye.

This is a lighthearted romantic story which I really enjoyed. Characters from the previous books make appearances and the stage is set for the next book in the series. I recommend this book and look forward to seeing what Kylie has in store for Josh and Hailey… who claim to hate each other but do they really???

Cali Jewel ,

Sweetly sexy romance!

Hugely irresistible, sweetly sexy romantic journey that will have you laughing one moment and sweetly sad the next and reaching for a cool drink in the next moment. I adore the Happy endings book club and just want to visit every day just to brighten it!

Zach Harrison is sweet, sexy and gruffly romantic alpha male bad boy professor. Carrie Young is a passionate, sweet and ready for a change hard working nurse. After wasting six years with an controlling ex that cheated on her she is now looking for a wild bad boy to help her experience all she has missed out on over the years. Loved her pickup line at Zach's welcome home party it was as priceless as his reaction. Their chemistry is off the charts. Loved every heart pounding moment.

kastan man ,

Carrie & Zach

Carrie is done being placed second to her ex-fiance and has a list she wants done with a 'bad boy.' Zach volunteers as her bad boy and withholds exactly what he does. Carrie purposefully avoids asking him and turns the conversation anytime it comes up. Of course, she gets mad at him for no full disclosure. Their relationship is intense and both fail to realize how deep of a connection they make. I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book.

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