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It was only meant to be a dating app hookup.  Turns out HeartBreaker531 isn’t an anonymous medical student after all—he’s my new chief resident…

As one of the top cardiac surgeons in the United States, Dr. Lauren Decker is fearless in the operating room, but her personal life is a different story. After her surgeon ex-husband cheated on her with a nurse half his age, Lauren has sworn off men—doctors, specifically. Never again.

But one day, the sexy and infuriatingly cocky Ryan Castle arrives. Looking to be the newest resident on staff, he challenges Lauren’s resolve to protect her heart. He’s gorgeous, ten years younger, a smartass at the top of his game, and soon, Lauren finds herself fighting fantasies of late-night trysts in the cardiology wing.

Like Lauren, Ryan’s been burned by love, but what starts out as an irresistible challenge to get Lauren into bed soon turns into more. She’s fighting what she feels by giving him the cold shoulder, and there’s only one thing to do.

Turn up the heat in the ER.

February 27
Virna DePaul
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Agent$$$$ ,

The Doctor Is In

Dr. Lauren Decker, top cardiac surgeon, has been talk of the hospital for awhile. Her husband, also a doctor in the hospital, had been cheating on her. She caught him in a hospital closet with a younger nurse. In order to make the divorce and scandal "easier" on her, he leaves the hospital taking a job out of state. Lauren swears off love, but is open to dating. Late one night, she enlists the help of a dating app. She connects with a man, proceeds to have an orgasm with him while chatting, then deletes her profile out of embarrassment.

Dr. Ryan Castle, the soon to be new Chief Resident, comes from a long line of top notch doctors. Dr. Castle arrives to the hospital wooing him and sees the prettiest woman he's ever met. She's the gorgeous, stunning doctor he just shared an orgasm with on the dating app. She's older than him, but that doesn't matter to him. He goes after her with a vengeance.

Lauren is asked to orient Ryan to the hospital. As they work together, their feelings begin to grow. While a relationship with a coworker isn't against hopital policy, it's frowned upon. When Lauren's ex comes back into town, he vows to make trouble for Ryan if Lauren doesn't bend to his will. She pushes Ryan away without explanation. When faced with an emergency, will they be able to overcome their feelings to save a life?

I truly enjoyed this novel. Ryan is the definition of a true gentleman. He cares for his sick mom, loves without restraint, is sexy, and educated! I find an educated man very enticing. After the cheating scandal, Lauren deals with feelings of doubt and wonders how she could've done things differently in her marriage. Can she overcome her feelings of unworthiness to enjoy her HEA? I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.

Luvnfool15 ,

Sexy, funny book by Virna!

Once again I fell in love with the characters in one of Virna’s stories!! Bad Boy M.D. is a great read about Dr. Lauren Deck and fellow attending surgeon Ryan Castle. Lauren was recently wronged by her ex, who also happens to be a doctor at the same hospital. So she decides to use a dating app for fun. Little did she know that her app sexting guy would turn out to be surgeon who is shadowing her. Ryan tried his very best to prove to Lauren that even though he is younger than her, he is the right man for her. Will Ryan succeed? Will Lauren turn him down? Read it and see for yourself! Once again Bad Boy M.D. is another amazing book by Virna. You will love their banter, their jokes, the emotions Lauren goes through.

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