Bad Boy Valentine

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“Favorite flavor? Well it sure as hell ain’t vanilla. Bend over, Valentine.”

Kate Molina isn’t looking for love; she just needs a reliable contractor to finish her bakery remodel. Hiring the bad-boy convict who broke her heart? Definitely not part of the plan. So what if he’s the only guy who ever gave her the big O, and—ugh, fine—even hotter than she remembered? Toe-curling orgasms aside, it’s way too late to forgive and forget.

If only she could forget the hot slide of his tongue between her thighs…

Eight years ago, Jagger Barnes made the biggest damn mistake of his life, costing him his freedom and the only woman he ever loved. Now out on parole, he’s determined to work hard, stay the f*ck out of trouble, and leave the past behind. But as usual, fate has other plans… starting with his sexy-as-sin, mad-as-hell ex.

One look at Kate’s lush little ass, and Jagger’s more than ready to make up for all those lonely nights…

Love may be naughtier the second time around, but when Cupid takes aim at the reformed bad boy and his sugar-sweet baker, will the arrow finally hit the mark, or is their smoking hot reunion a recipe for disaster?

February 1
Two Gnomes Media
Two Gnomes Media

Customer Reviews

Szmoromou ,

To Second Chances

What are the chances that the man the broke your heart and soul all eight years ago, the one you tried to forget, ends up walking through your door as your new contractor for your bakery renovation. Yep, that would be Kate's luck. Jagger had made the biggest mistake of his life one faithful night eight years ago. A mistake that landed him in jail and ending his blissful life with Kate. Kate tried to forget Jagger, holding on to her hate to help her move on. Easier said than done when Jagger ends up back in her life. Jagger can't believe of all the bakeries in NY, he ends up in Kate's, the woman he never got over and still loves. Their relationship is a little strained to say the least. With time, old memories heal the pain, and Jagger and Kate find that they once again enjoy each others company. Will Kate give Jagger another chance? Can they finally get their Happily Ever After?
This is my second Sylvia Pierce book and I can honestly say I'm a BIG FAN! Sylvia brings sexiness and playfulness in her books. The best of all with rich and powerful characters that draw you in from the very beginning. Well done Sylvia!

janice1231 ,

Soul Mates for life!

A Review of Bad Boy Valentine by Sylvia Pierce

Soul Mates for life - 5+++ stars

Sylvia has done it again. She brings her characters to life right in front of you, but you feel like you have known them forever. We also see characters from previous books show up as well, such as Georgie, Ari and Jared. Kinda reminds me of that saying that there are six degrees of separation. Kate and Jagger have a long history between them and she shows us the undeniable love the two of them shared at such a young age. Yes, Jagger f**ked up by hanging out with the wrong people and going down the wrong path, but everyone deserves a second chance, especially when they show that they regret the choices they've made in life.

Kate was very lucky to have a Gran that took her in when she was just a four year old child, but some hurts last a lifetime, even when they are hidden from most of the world. Jagger knew about her wounds and felt like he didn't want to put her through the same thing with him, so he cut her off completely and served his time. As he finally tells her, he did the crime, he owed the time. He owned up to his mistakes and took the punishment that was dealt.

There were many laughs and tears shed with reading this book. I truly felt like I knew both of them and that I could understand the choices both of them made over the years they were apart. You can read this book without having to have read any of the others before it, but I definitely recommend all of the books that Sylvia has written. She is an AMAZING author and storyteller.

**Complimentary Copy provided by Author for an honest review.**

Crickalina ,

hot quick read

Bad boy Valentine starts off hot and just gets hotter. Jagger flubbed up and ended up behind bars. 8 years later he comes face to face with what he left behind. Can they move past what happened and find what they had before or is Kit-Kat forever lost to Jagger? The chemistry between the two is explosive, both sexually and emotionally charged. The verbal sparing is just as entertaining as the sex is Hot. Kate has taken her pain/anger and become successful, she has one weakness and that's the fact she has not moved on.
Ms. Pierce has wrote a short book that will fly by leaving you wanting more.

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