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Bec Darden was a high-powered attorney who had spent her entire adult life building a fearsome reputation both in the courtroom and the boardroom.

But once upon a time, she was also a naïve and romantic—aka idiotic—soul who’d married her college sweetheart on a whim just before graduating. She and Luke were young and in love and—

No surprise, her marriage had been short-lived.

Explosive. Miserable. And incredibly, incredibly short-lived.

But now Luke Pearson was back in her life and with the worst possible news. Her marriage, the one she’d almost immediately regretted, and the subsequent divorce she’d paid through the teeth for by working insane hours and basically not sleeping for several years hadn’t happened.

As in she was still freaking married.

Luke had been sexy in high school, gorgeous in college, but he was even hotter as a grown man and his reappearance in her life hadn’t done anything to dampen the attraction she felt for him.

But Bec had already learned that sex wasn’t everything. One broken heart was enough, and she wasn’t in the market to give Luke another chance at shattering her all over again. He needed to sign the divorce papers she drafted and leave her to her life.

Except . . . what did they say about best laid plans?

Because Luke wouldn’t sign.

July 7
Elise Faber
Elise Faber

Customer Reviews

Bocarb ,

Bec or Becky?

She prefers one name over the other, but which one will she end up with? SUGAR PIE!😂 If you’re a fan of the series, you’ll enjoy the next story out of the Sextant group. If you’ve never read any books in this series, you’ll have no idea what I mean until you’ve gotten on our level. (Hint: Trust me. You want to be on our level.😉)

RLS1217 ,

So disappointed in Bec

I wish she had lived up to her character in the previous books. This man clearly did not deserve a second chance and Bec - proving that romance authors can’t write a strong female character to save their lives - folded immediately. It’s sad and pathetic.

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