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Ten of the Bible’s best-known femmes fatales parade across the pages of this popular and unforgettable study with situations that sound oh-so-familiar.

Women everywhere marvel at those “good girls” in Scripture–Sarah, Mary, Esther–but on most days, that’s not who they see when they look in the mirror. Most women (if they’re honest) see the selfishness of Sapphira or the deception of Delilah. They catch of glimpse of Jezebel’s take-charge pride or Eve’s disastrous disobedience. Like Bathsheba, Herodias, and the rest, today’s modern woman is surrounded by temptations, exhausted by the demands of daily living, and burdened by her own desires.          

So what’s a good girl to do? Learn from their lives, says beloved Bible study teacher and speaker Liz Curtis Higgs, and choose a better path. Whether they were “Bad to the Bone,” “Bad for a Season, but Not Forever” or only “Bad for a Moment,” these infamous sisters show women how not to handle the challenges of life.
With her trademark humor and encouragement, Higgs combines a contemporary retelling of the stories of these “other women” in Scripture with a solid, verse-by-verse study to teach us how to avoid their tragic mistakes and joyfully embrace grace.
Let these Bad Girls show you why studying the Bible has never been more fun!

Includes Discussion Questions and Study Guide

Religion & Spirituality
August 17
The Crown Publishing Group
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

J Dubya Girl ,

Awesome author, fabulous book

We aren't all perfect but we can still be used by God. That is what this book makes you realize. You will also be able to see yourself or others in the wonderfully crafted stories that Liz uses to teach scripture. What a blessing Liz is to women like me!

PoserJim ,

Good stuff from a great person and author

Liz is one of my favorite story tellers in the Kingdom. She not only introduces you to fascinating characters but she does so with a ton of research and a load of laughs along the way. BGB is one of her best! Brilliantly researched, it's a great resource for anyone wanting to explore more of the fascinating characters of Scripture and how to avoid similar paths. And guys, don't be thrown, you'll enjoy reading it too.

KMLbookreader ,

Awesome book!

Girlfriends and I used this book for a female college student bible study and loved it! Liz does a great job in providing a "modern day" version of the Bible story first, then jumps into scripture. It caused me to actually pick up my Bible and use it as well. Since then I've bought all her other bad girls books!

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