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Hookups weren’t for her.

Rachel knew that. She was a good girl—sigh—she’d always been a good girl.

Except when it came to him.

She’d met the him in question in a bar of all places and his lean strength, gorgeous face, and way-too-charming personality had combined to shatter her defenses. All of a sudden she’d been doing all of those “dangerous, bad girl” things her grandmother had once warned her of.

And just like her grandma had predicted, he’d vanished come morning.

No note. No exchanged numbers. She hadn’t even known his name.

Fine. Whatever. Rachel had chalked it up to a horrible—albeit, wholly pleasurable—mistake and moved on. She was the assistant to Heather O’Keith, a kick ass, take-no-prisoners CEO of a billion dollar corporation, she didn’t have time to sit around and worry over a man.

But then Heather had gotten her happily ever after by marrying equally successful business entrepreneur, Clay Steele, and Rachel discovered that she had to work in close, day-to-day contact with him.

Sebastian Scott. The man from the bar. The sexy, gorgeous, irresistible disappearing man from the bar.

And he still made her want to do bad, bad things.

April 14
Elise Faber
Elise Faber

Customer Reviews

2qcncbje ,


I liked this book. It kept my interest throughout. I will purchase the others in this series.

Bocarb ,

Pure Love

I absolutely adore this series! This book especially had a particular something (Rachel and Bas) that made it all it’s own. If you can appreciate a web of friends who all have their own stories to share and fates to follow, this series is Ah-mazing! Each book could probably be read as a standalone, but where is the fun in that?

jk(9 ,

Bad Hookup

Couldn’t read. Tried just skipping over. Just not worth it.

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