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Just when you thought we had run out of Badd…

Meet Roman Badd, one of a set of triplets, each bigger and badder than the last. If you thought the original Badd brothers were sexy, foul-mouthed alphas, just wait till you meet these three sexy-as-sin, long-lost Badd cousins…

Roman is a smokejumper, an elite member of the US Forest Service who parachutes into the most rugged and remote terrain to combat out-of-control wildfires unreachable even by hotshots. He’s brash, domineering, and an expert at seduction.

Kitty Quinn is the exact opposite. The head server at Badd’s Bar and Grille, she’s the daughter of a philosophy professor and a kindergarten teacher: sweet and kind, and with a persona of innocence and purity—catnip for the ravenous lion that is Roman Badd. She knows she’s in way over her head with him, but this good girl has enough inner strength and confidence to stand up to Roman’s hard-charging, take-what-he-wants attitude.

Can she get past his foul mouth and unapologetically rapacious sexual appetite to the good, kind man she wants to believe lurks beneath, or is Roman Badd as wild and untamable as the fires he fights?

August 4
Jasinda Wilder
Seth Clarke

Customer Reviews

Book 2 Needed ,

So Badd

Roman, Roman. I love that name and the man that goes with it. Who doesn’t love a bad boy who finds love. All that muscle with a southern drawl. Kitty is definitely the girl to tame his heart. Sweet and sassy with a high powered BS meter. Loved it!

Blondie071978 ,

Jasinda does it again!

This book was so much fun! It was one of those quick, entertaining, summer reads. I really enjoyed Kitty’s character. I loved how when Roman was being a bit of a pig, she was able to give it right back. Jasinda does sassy characters so well. I also have a bit of a crush on Roman. If there is one thing Jasinda does better than sassy females, it’s alpha males. I enjoyed going back into the Badd world and am looking forward to the next book. If I had any complaints it would be that I wish there was more. The ending didn’t really feel like an ending. I would have liked a little more. I will definitely read the next book to continue the story though. Overall, I would say if you are looking for a playful, fun book you can take to the beach and finish in a day, Badd Kitty is the perfect one for you.

Whattdafuxup ,

LOVE the Badd boys

I came across the Badd Brothers series earlier this year and binge read them all in a few days. When I got to Xavier’s book, I was devastated that it was the end, but when the triplets were announced I was sooo excited!!

Absolutely LOVED Kitty & Roman’s story! Cannot wait for the next books!!

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