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When the missing person he’s been searching for strolls right into his house, Detective Rex Tarrow’s investigation takes a wild U-turn. Astronomer Mina Cooper’s unexpected reappearance plunges the two of them deep into intrigue and murder, triggering a dangerous game of hide-and-seek.

Thrust together into hiding, they discover a powerful connection, and explore the surprising new emotions neither of them expected to experience. While Rex vigilantly guards their lives, Mina struggles with the secrets she has yet to disclose. Knowing that Rex will no longer trust her when he hears the truth, her foolish heart overrides her logical mind, convincing her to keep silent.

Through a violent encounter, Rex discovers no one can be trusted, not even the irresistible Dr. Mina. The information she withheld could have gotten them both killed, and Rex won’t listen to her reasons for lying. Can Mina convince him that she had no choice but to keep the truth from him, or is her deceit the death sentence to the loving relationship just starting to bloom between them?

May 10
Randi Alexander
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Jen G F ,

Badge and a Saddle by Randi Alexander

Rex is a detective with Missing Persons and is looking for Professor Mina Cooper, but when she shows up at his door totally unexpected the investigation take a wide left turn….he has to keep her safe and find out who is after her and wants her dead.

Mina isn’t sure she can trust anyone, even Rex so she keeps some things to herself which gets them almost killed. When the truth comes out Rex discovers that no one can be trusted and he turns his back on Mina even though they have a deep connection.

Will Mina be able to prove to Rex that their connection is a forever in the stars kind of love and that she kept him in the dark to protect him or will they just never be able to see the truth behind the secrets??????

BookSnuggle ,

Sexy & Suspenseful Romance

Badge and a Saddle by Randi Alexander is book number two in the Heroes in the Saddle series. This Detective Rex Tarrow and Astronomer Mina Cooper's story.

Rex is investigating Mina's disappearance. One night she appears at his house. They go in hiding so that Rex can keep Mina safe and hopefully figure out who is out to get her. The chemistry between Rex and and Mina is hot. Will they take a chance on love? Since Mina hasn't given Rex all the information on her disappearance will this destroy their chance at love?

This is a great edition to this series. Rex and Mina's story was great! This is a sexy and suspenseful romance that keeps you entertained. You can read this as a standalone but you will want to read it. It was fun getting to see characters from book one in this series.

FYI, includes mature content. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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