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Bald Eagles are kings of the North American sky and amongst the most powerful birds of prey.

With their huge talons, Bald Eagles exert a grip that is 10 times greater than a human hand. Their amazing eyesight allows them to spot their prey from 100’s of feet up in the air. They dive at 100 miles an hour to snatch a fish from the water.

With their enormous 8-foot wingspans Bald Eagles glide for hours, high in the air, at 10,000 feet.

They mate for life and build gigantic nests, some weighing over 2,000 pounds, at the tops of the tallest trees.

These impressive creatures are the symbol of the USA, and are found on US coins, passports, the Presidential Seal and state documents. Bald Eagles even made it to the moon!

Everything you ever wanted to know about Bald Eagles, and more…

If you love reading about amazing raptors, then this book is for you. Filled with color images and interesting facts about these majestic creatures. For readers from age 6 through to 100…

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Book Contents:

1. What are Bald Eagles?

2. What do Bald Eagles look like?

3. Where do Bald Eagles Live?

4. Are Bald Eagles really bald?

5. How many Bald Eagles are left in the wild?

6. How big is a Bald Eagle?

7. How long do Bald Eagles live?

8. An American symbol

9. Hunting

10. What do Bald Eagles like to eat?

11. How much do Bald Eagles eat?

12. Cool Bald Eagle Facts

13. Bald Eagles Super Sight

14. Bald Eagles Senses

15.The Bald Eagle Call

16. Feathers and Flying

17. Nest Building

18. Bald Eagle Babies

19. More Cool Bald Eagle Facts

20. Do Bald Eagles Migrate?

21. How and Where do Bald Eagles sleep?

22. Aerial Acrobats

23. How have Bald Eagles adapted to their environment?

24. Threats

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