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Can an android win Wimbledon? Or the soccer World Cup? What about the heart of a beautiful woman?
Built as a glorified ball machine, Vitas Rodriguez is the world’s most advanced android - strong, fast, tireless and smart.
Equipped with the revolutionary quantum entanglement processor, he’s sentient, athletic, handsome, and unstoppable. He knows how to learn. And he loves to win.
But when pushed to the limit, will Vitas finally shatter his programming and quantify - to the final decimal point - the ultimate, non-binary meaning of life?

Stuck on a secret science campus in the Arizona desert, the brilliant and beautiful young scientist Rosa Rodriguez needs a tennis partner. So she persuades her colleagues to build her a robot - the ultimate ‘ball machine.’
Inspired by Rosa’s promise of a striptease, the misfit prodigies at the elite science think-tank create the world’s most advanced android. Equipped with the revolutionary quantum entanglement processor, it’s a robot so lifelike, so realistic, no one can tell it’s not human.
Vitas is sentient, athletic, handsome, and unstoppable. He gets to every shot, hits with precision and never tires. Can Rosa give him a game? Will she have to do that striptease she promised the boys? And are all his parts totally lifelike and fully operational?
Just how far will Vitas’ tennis skills take him, and will he find the answers to life’s ultimate questions?
As a team of androids sets out to transform the world’s worst soccer team, can the tiny Caribbean nation of Javier and St Amaro finally win a match? Will they qualify for the soccer World Cup?
Could anyone, or anything, ever stop them?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
February 9
Simon J Townley
Smashwords, Inc.

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