Ballsy Ballsy
Book 4 - Breakers Hockey


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Kailey Henderson dealt in code.

Well, code, social anxiety, and online gaming.

What she didn’t deal in was sexy hockey players.

And she certainly didn’t deal in sexy hockey players like Connor Smith. He was brass. He was loud. He was funny and charming and…ballsy.

Kailey was about the furthest thing from ballsy someone could find.

Connor didn’t seem to care. From the moment she’d showed up at the rink to help her friend set up a player development program for the Baltimore Breakers, he had led a campaign to win her heart.

The thing was, Kailey didn’t actually want her heart to be won, and the more Connor campaigned, the more she resisted. And…the more she resisted and argued and pushed back, the more she found out that she actually could be ballsy.

And the worst thing about that?

It made Connor campaign even harder.

April 26
Elise Faber
Elise Faber

Customer Reviews

Brightndays ,

Can they prove that love is worth the risk?

Ballsy is the fourth book in the Breakers Hockey series. It can be read as a stand alone, but there’s lots of references to previous relationships. Plus, they’re all amazing, so why would you not want to read them?! Smitty is known for being big, bold, and quick to laugh, but he’s stunned speechless when he meets Kailey. One to hate social interactions, and people in general, Kailey doesn’t know what to do with Smitty’s attention, except push him away. But when he doesn’t give up, can they prove to each other that love is worth the risk of being vulnerable?

Oh my goodness, this book was so dang good! One of those feel good, everything just goes right, swoon worthy, giddy happy dance books! One where love wins in the end and you cheer for it from the very beginning! Kailey and Smitty were simply fantastic. Kailey had so many triggers for her anxiety and she so badly just wanted to feel normal and fit in with her new friends. I loved that the hockey team had her back from the very beginning, and that a certain someone was able to burrow deep into her defenses and heart. Smitty is insanely sweet with Kailey. He feels like such a beast in comparison to her beauty, but all he does is look in her eyes and just sees her, takes care of her needs, and constantly puts her first. I just adore him. I love his silly and brash side, the one that captures attention, but I also loved his super vulnerable side that she keeps safe. Oh, so good! These two people felt like they were so imperfect and broken, but together, they were perfection. It wasn’t easy, but they could find peace and comfort and acceptance and love with one another. Oh gosh, I cried, but I think they were more happy tears than anything else. Finding acceptance, healing, and love are three major themes in this book, but so is family and having each other’s backs! I love this series and I loved this book!

KymReads1 ,

Wonderful, heartwarming story with all the feels!

Wonderful, heartwarming story! Social anxiety and self-doubt, unfortunately, knows no bounds…and Kailey Henderson has been dealing with it for years. Those who should have been patient and kind in supporting her anxiety, have not and are not. No, in fact, they exacerbate the problem.

So when big, brass and charming Connor Smith starts paying attention to Kailey? She tries to deflect.

But Connor sees something in Kailey, something she doesn’t see…yet. And yes, he has his own issues but his determination to get to know Kailey and show her how he sees her is so genuine and charming!

Loved the way these two supported one another, never giving up and truly being there when the other needed support, and yet, each stronger because of what they had, together!

Srosenthal ,

Smitty and kailey

This is my first book in this series. I am a fan of the author and have her other series but for some reason I have not read any books in this series until now. It features players who play on a hockey team called the Breakers. It is a stand alone story and it deals with some serious subjects like Dyslexia and Social Anxiety.

In this story we meet Connor who goes by the name of Smitty. He is a player on the hockey team and Kailey is a newer part of the team on the behind the scenes way. She suffers from extreme social anxiety and Smitty is big, loud and he terrifies her.

Smitty is majorly crushing on Kailey from day one. He knows she is his one but she won't give him the time of day because he freaks her out. Meanwhile Smitty suffers from Dyslexia and even as an adult he struggles.

When K and Smitty find out that they both have issues that make them feel inferior and that their families don't get it, well that's when these two start to understand each other. I really loved how they each had each others backs and they were there for each other.

It was a really fascinating story and one I learned some new things about Dyslexia and Anxiety. I adored how Smitty had K's back in relation to her nightmare of a father and I loved how K supported Smitty in relation to his brother.

I received a complimentary early release copy of this e-book from the author prior to release and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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