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A practical meditation technique to achieve a higher state of consciousness and, ultimately, enlightenment. 

An easy-to-follow guide to a unique meditation technique you can practice throughout the day. This extended ability to meditate with your eyes open or closed, in silence or during activity, dramatically expedites the process of enlightenment more than any other meditation technique. 

The BANFEBA Meditation technique is comprised of seven effortless steps: Breathe, Accept, Now, Feel, Experience, Being and Awareness.

BANFEBA Meditation will allow your awakened experience of Being to dramatically support the creation of a healthy, beautiful, prosperous, fulfilling, peaceful, loving, and blissful life for yourself. 

 The desire to create is a natural part of life. We all have a natural desire to create special experiences in our lives. We are all natural creators. We are part of the expansion of the relative world we live in. Frustration comes when we are not able to succeed in creating what we desire. 

 The reason we are not always able to succeed in creating the life we desire is because we are not awake to the Source of all creation – Being. It is like trying to drive to the shop miles away to buy ice cream without getting into the car. We can talk all we want about ice cream, but it’s impossible to enjoy unless we hop in the car, and go get it. 

As well as being a practical meditation guide, the story of Bruce’s journey to enlightenment is featured throughout the book.

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August 8
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Customer Reviews

Hbomb9 ,


This book guides the reader through a simple and effortless technique to achieve a blissful enlightenment. Truly a life changing book.

@thepaulosophy ,

Give it a read

A fun, easy, inspiring, and a perspective shifting read. It was highly entertaining to follow along with MacWilliams' life stories and spiritual experiences.

As someone relatively new to meditation, I found it incredibly valuable to hear from somebody who has been practicing from a very young age. BANFEBA is a product of everything the author has learned and experienced throughout his journey.

There are nuggets of wisdom throughout that could be beneficial to any reader, regardless of where they are on their journey. I see life through a slightly different lens now, and I can't wait to keep practicing what I have learned!

Jtimas ,

Enlightenment and Love.

I take a breath in and out— and experience it all in that moment. I am here and awake to what is around Me. BANFEBA. The name of book by author Bruce MacWilliams and the Seven Essential Steps to Enlightenment. This book opened my eyes, heart and soul to the beauty around me by just being present to it. Allowing me to be aware of the process of just letting go and letting God. These steps, illustrations and stories of BANFEBA showed me what it is to think beyond my human being. After, the breathing and just being in state of peace. Allowing, all the noise, doubts, worries and fears of our human nature to just go away. This book teaches you to transcend your thinking, your desires, and shift in a way of being that is on ethereal level.

Furthermore, I play football and baseball as athlete. Also, I am actor and writer as well. In the book high lights the meaning of just being in the zone and transcending the art or game you play. When, I am in the batters box and waiting for the pitch to come. Sometimes, I think about what pitch he is going to throw and what will the velocity of the fast ball be. Instead, of just allowing the game to come to me and be ready to hit the ball. When, you're at peace and in the zone. The game slows down and even when you are performing- you don't think about the lines and where you need to go on stage. Everything, just tells the story and you're just being a part of it with grace. The awakening mind, heart and soul opens up to you once you allow this peace to come to you. I hope you all share in this book BANFEBA and experience enlightenment in your daily live. Thank you.