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They say when you take revenge against another you lose a part of your innocence. 

But I’m not innocent. 

I haven’t been for a very long time. 

My innocence was stolen from me. Taken was the life I was supposed to have. The soul I was born with. The ruby heart embedded in a life full of hopes and dreams.



I never even had a choice. 

I mourn that life. Mourn the what-ifs. 

Until now. 

I’m ready to take back what was always meant to be mine.

But every plan has a fatal flaw. Sometimes it’s the heart.

**Due to the dark and explicit nature of this book, it is recommended for mature audiences only.**

May 19
E.K. Blair LLC
E.K. Blair LLC

Customer Reviews

janice1231 ,

Dark and dirty

A Review of Bang (Black Lotus #1) by E.K. Blair

Dark and dirty - 5 stars

I had the chance to purchase this book for free on a special that was running during tax time. I finally got around to reading it the last couple of days and I have to say it is pretty spectacular. It is a dark, intense storyline of love, loss, abuse and finally revenge. The story flips quite a bit between the past and the present time, which can usually put me off a storyline, but for some reason it really works with this story. Elizabeth was abruptly snatched away from her loving father when she was five years old and we get bits and pieces of her life from her point of view during the time she spends waiting for her father to come back to her.

This story brings to focus the horrible truths about foster families. I know there are some really good people out there that provide loving, safe homes for children, but there are all too many of these sick m'f'ers in this world. When Elizabeth changes her name to Nina and marries Bennett, it's with the plan to make him pay for what he's done to her in her past. It takes a lot of twists and turns to find out what that was and to see where she is coming from. This is definitely not a story for the feint of heart. You have to be strong enough to wade through the hell these two kids went through to be able to get to the end of this book. I know there are two more books in the series, so I have a lot of questions as to what actually happens at the end of this book. Looking forward to reading them.

**Good Purchase**

Leila602 ,

Great freaken book

This book had me hypnotized in the first few pages!! It reminded me of gone girl but much better!! This book is well written and very descriptive! Love it!! This story should be a movie!!

Marmiladka ,


I could not put this book down. I read this book over the weekend. OMG!! It is a dark book, but it was well written . I was disappointed at the end, but I guess I was not surprised by it. ...

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