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Bank is a financial institution that handles people’s money, securities and valuables. Bank is a financial institution that keeps money safely, deals in money and other monetary instruments.

It is in this lucid manner that this book will teach you banking.

It clearly explains the central bank. It throws light on the distinctive functions of central bank. It shows how the central bank controls the commercial banks in an economy.

It analyzes the commercial bank. It sheds light on the onerous functions of commercial bank. It shows how the commercial banks create money in an economy.

It appraises the types of bank account. They include current account, fixed deposit account and savings account. It points out the differences between a current account and a fixed deposit account.

It evaluates the cheque. It even shows you how to pay with a cheque. It highlights the different types of cheque. It examines the good and bad sides of paying with a cheque.

It discusses other means of bank payment. They include the bank draft, traveller’s cheque, credit transfer, standing order and money order.

It examines the fundamental factors that a bank manager considers before granting loans. The fundamental factors are the canons of lending which a prudent bank manager must know while assessing a potential borrower.

It clearly explains the merchant bank. It throws light on the functions of merchant bank.

It analyzes the development bank. It sheds light on the functions of development bank.

It analyzes the mortgage bank. It casts light on the functions of mortgage bank.

And it explores the savings bank. It highlights the functions of savings bank.

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March 14
Anthony Anamgba
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