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Barbara thinks she has it all- a successful real estate agency, a fur lined BMW, and a younger husband with political aspirations. When she finally agrees to go her friend's swingers party, out of boredom and curiosity, she discovers a world behind closed doors that she never knew existed- and when she imbibes in THC, the world within herself that she never knew existed comes out!
An erotic adult novel, containing the following themes: Cheating, Drug Usage, Female bisexuality, Group sex, Interracial sex,
Lesbian dominance, Threesomes, and Swinging. For adults only, 18+.
As soon as the words were out of his mouth, Barbara was on her feet.
Her hands started by working the buttons at the back of her dress, trying to get them open as quick as she could- the sexual energy was now acknowledged and known, and there was going to be no more debate. As she struggled to open up her dress, she watched as both Baird and then Oswald rose as well, kicking off leather shoes and unbuttoning shirts. Mrs. Johnston was likewise opening up the front of her blouse, her large dark chocolate colored breasts coming into view- she had not even been wearing a bra to this meeting, as if she knew what was going to happen before the offer was even made.
“I know,” Barbara heard her husband say- he was behind her, his hands helping her undress.
“You know?” Barbara asked.
Had Margo said something?
“Yes,” Glenn said, his fingers on the third button, “Do you want this?’”
“Yes,” Barbara said, her ears barely listening, as the Black men were now down to their underwear, the white fabric of their cotton briefs almost glowing against their skin.
“Okay,” Glenn said- he had the last button open now, and once it was, his hands pulled down the top of her dress.
Barbara worked it the rest of the way off, as she saw Baird and Oswald’s eyes on her, and Mrs. Johnston now undoing the clasp that held her industrial strength bra in place.
Everyone knew what they wanted, and what was going to happen, but as she stepped out of her dress and then let her bra fall to the well worn wooden floor of this former church, Barbara knew that these men were the ones in charge. Cuckold or not, her husband was agreeing to give his wife to their world, and he stepped back into the shadows, as Baird looked over her approvingly.
“Ever been with a Black man?” Baird asked, his fingers on the elastic band that separated her from his African American cock.
“No,” Barbara said.
“Oh, you will like this then,” Oswald said, “Are you ready?”

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January 31
Lady Devreux
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