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Finally, a friendly book to read on the globalization of markets with an Aha moment!

Will you go out into the world market and cold call chambers of commerce, businesses, and economic development institutions, for three years?

Is finding a solution to economic development your passion? What are the things that are working and not working in attracting investment, developing trade relationship and creating value for SME’s worldwide?

When was the last time you fully invested your time, resources and education to really understand what is happening in the world market?

Those are some of the conversational issues that Aldous, had with various business executives worldwide. Those were also the issues that Aldous pondered on day in and day out, when he isn’t trying to please his dog, Bella.

Aldous Mina, not only wrote about his observations and conversations, he lived many of his interpretation of the globalization of markets. Aldous is well known in providing solutions that are outside the box way of thinking. Al’s passion from a young age of thirteen was in the international markets which is probably not the most common hobby there is, but he knew from then on that he would be a change agent to market development.

The solutions may seem deceptively simple and many may say it has been done in the past. Though it may be the case, if not done correctly, timing is off, and people implementing not inspired, none of it would come into fruition. Many have failed and millions lost in global trade.

Having a standard operating procedure in market development does not mean executives from developed countries should abandon emerging and frontier market potential when things get tough.

Likewise, not having funding to attract investment from developed countries into developing markets should not deter a diplomat to engage decision makers. The name of the new world market game is creativity, social media utilization and tons of national grit in an international arena.

Aldous, also innovated and tried out many of his fundamental key economic development principles, like working with a regional chamber of commerce in one country should be the first thing on the mind of those looking to diversify their international portfolio.

Considering putting an office in the second or third largest city of emerging and frontier markets rather than within the capital, and why is it important to work with the local airport authority when considering a market entry approach.

So, whether you are an executive, an educator, or the typical guy or gal bored of the Republican and Democrat head banging or lack of minds thereof. Read this book to un-whine and develop an optimistic take on the new world market environment. It is your TRUE future~

Business & Personal Finance
December 17
Aldous Mina
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