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First Time Younger Women Older Men Seductions

This hot collections containst the following 9 sexy stories:

First Class:

The young and curvy Paige starts a new job for an exclusive airlines which caters only to the very rich.  When a famously well endowed billionaire joins the flight, she decides to seduce him in a way that is guaranteed to get the full attention of any man, let alone a filthy rich one.

The Promotion:

Beautiful, curvy Hannah starts a new job at a huge corporation, only to learn it is owned by Todd King – a former man of the house. This young, shapely seductress is willing to do anything to get ahead and decides to corner the handsome, older man in his office where they can “catch up” on old times.

Mailman Seduction:

The young and beautiful Paige craves her new mailman and is determined to be stuffed and filled by him at any cost. But just before the fun begins her hairdresser arrives, and now Paige has both a sexy man, and a sensual woman, to enjoy together for the very first time.

Neighbour Seduction:

The young and beautiful Sophia is craving a lustful encounter with her sexy next door neighbour, Nolan. And when her best friend Rose arrives things become more wonderfully fulfilling with her first ever threesome.

Naughty Seduction:

While visiting a bookstore Elliot is surprised to run into the young, beautiful, and untouched Juliet. As her former man of the house he knows the inexperienced woman craves older men. All she desires is to be stuffed for the first time in her life and Elliot is happy to oblige.

Office Seduction:

The young, beautiful and untouched Luna gets the job of her dreams. And when her sexy boss Dominic, along with his busty secretary, decide the inexperienced woman needs some serious extra training her day gets even better.

Tutor Seduction:

The young, beautiful and untouched Ava is more than surprised when her new tutor is Phil, the former man of the house. This inexperienced woman craves sexy older men, and Phil more than fits the bill. She wants him to teach her a lesson which will fill and stuff her for the very first time and Phil turns out to be a very experienced teacher.

Poolside Seduction:

When the young, beautiful, untouched Chloe discovers the new pool guy is someone she use to grow up with, she is bound and determined that he should fill and stuff her for the very first time. But when his girlfriend arrives, there is yet another sensual first this inexperienced woman can now indulge in.

Tempting Seduction:

When the buxom, beautiful and untouched Hazel knocks on Emmett's door to be his new cleaner, he is more than pleasantly surprised. As her former man of the house he suspects this sexy inexperienced woman might be there for more than just a cleaning!

For adults only.

Fiction & Literature
September 20
Tales of Flesh Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

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