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What will we learn in this book?
How to play barre chords easily and without strain.

Who is the book for?
This book will help three main categories of guitarist:
1. Beginners.
2.Frustrated guitarists who want to get the guitar out of the closet and have another crack at it.
3.People who wish to avoid strain injury.

This book took over 40 years to write! Or to be more accurate, it took me over 40 years of playing the guitar to get a conscious inventory of the barre chord technique, something I had learned within a few months of starting the guitar.

Why should that be so? Aren't barre chords an essential part of guitar technique? Yes, they certainly are. And they are also the reason most people (wisely) give up on the instrument after about 6 months.

I first documented 'the process' of how to play the barre chord back in the 1990s. Being very fortunate to have martial arts and Alexander Technique instruction when still a teenager, the barre chord came fairly easy to me. By talking about the 'gesture of expansion' I thought I had it all covered. Those who have read my earlier books will remember how little information I thought was needed to adequately explain the activity.

It was only recently that my explorations of the Feldenkrais Method led me to make conscious the connections between certain movements I had learned in the martial art Wing Chun, and the practice of the barre chord.

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March 24
Peter Inglis
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