Barrett Barrett


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Publisher Description

Barrett Grant is wild AF with hips he knows how to use, and he’s also eleven years younger than me…




Get Baked is the culmination of every dream I had as a twenty-something. A dream my ex-husband stomped like a bug beneath the tip of his expensive Italian leather shoe. When I left with nothing more than my dignity and a vintage stand mixer I found at a thrift store, all I wanted was to be happy. Promised myself I wouldn’t settle until that happened.


Years later, it’s finally happening in the small town of Broken Falls, WV. My dreams are coming true, my happiness is so close I can reach out and touch it.


But my secrets? They won’t stay buried forever. Especially where Barrett Grant is concerned.




I messed up big time with Gabby, the hot, older, owner of Get Baked. I had no business swiping right if I wasn’t going to take our relationship and her feelings seriously. When I reacted badly to a waitress who questioned if she was my mother, I should’ve let it go. 


But I didn’t, and now I can’t. Not when I miss the f*ck out of her, and lost a year off my life the night Get Baked was broken into. This time, I promise myself, I’ll give us the shot we should’ve gotten the first time.


If only she gives me a second chance. 


Tropes Included

·       small town

·       blue collar

·       second chance

·       reverse age gap

·       golden retriever hero

Barrett is book four in The Broken Falls Series: a series of interconnected standalones following a group of friends who have become family in small-town West Virginia, and the women who bring them to their knees. You do not have to read them in order, but each book builds upon the relationships of the last.

July 26
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