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Ted Williams once said, "Hitting a baseball is the single most difficult thing to do in sport." He was the last major leaguer to average .400 over a season. Even at lower levels of play, hitting the ball safely four times out of ten chances is a terrific accomplishment. This tells us something: if being successful less than 50 percent of the time is viewed as an outstanding accomplishment, hitting cannot be an easy skill to master.

Written by expert Dan Russell, Baseball Hitting Mechanics Explained is the most comprehensive and up-to-date resource for coaches, parents, and players seeking to improve all aspects of hitting. The book comes complete with dozens of detailed and effective batting drills and 50 color photographs in order to cover everything a batter could ever want to know about hitting a baseball. 

Below are some of the many topics the book covers:

- Bat Discipline

- Having a Strategy

- Knowing the Strike Zone

- Bat Weight and Length

- The Grip

- The Feet

- Stances

- Measuring the Strike Zone

- Measuring the Sweet Spot

- Bat Positions

- Hand Speed and Elbows

- Bat Speed

- Contact Hitting

- Bunting – Sacrifice and Drag

Author Bio:

Dan Russell is a long standing member of the American Baseball Coaches Association and is the president of a Canadian baseball association. In addition to coaching various levels of youth baseball teams, Mr. Russell is a regular attendant and speaker at baseball conferences and clinics throughout North America. In the formation of his baseball books, Mr. Russell was assisted by comments and interviews given by coaches Skip Bertman, Ron Polk, Mike McRae, and Tony Rasmus, among numerous others. Mr. Russell has compiled a unique and insightful look into the worlds of baseball mechanics and strategies and has documented these ideas for the benefit of the young pitchers of tomorrow.

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