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Jackson McKenna's  got a reputation to protect -- he needs a wife. Siobhan O'Malley has a baby to raise -- she needs a husband. 

He's looking for the perfect woman to play with. She's looking for the perfect power play against a pair of greedy grandparents.

He wants to get down and dirty. She wants to fight even dirtier to protect her nephew.

Will their marriage of convenience fizzle as soon as they both get what they need, or is this a union that will sizzle with unexpected heat and chemistry?

July 20
Changeling Press LLC
Changeling Press LLC

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WhiteWitch0519 ,

Roosters, Book 3, by Raisa Greywood

Most men would give anything to be rich and a CEO. The icing on the cake? Being a Dom with a string of submissives clamoring for his attention and women dying to be his arm candy for corporate functions. But the universe has a quirky sense of humor. Out of left field comes a curve ball threatening everything he has, dropping a woman directly in his path who’s everything he DOESN’T want. Only she has…what? It doesn’t matter! Both of them know the same thing. No way! Not now…not ever! This can never happen! Or can it? Both desperately need something. The only question is, what are they willing to sacrifice to get what they need?

Although this story is different from most of Ms. Greywood’s other books, I loved it. The two main characters, Jackson and Siobhan, couldn’t be more different. To be honest, when I first started reading this book, I hated the premise. I love BDSM stories. But the idea of an experienced, rich, independent Dom being forced to concede anything at all was unacceptable. That he immediately stumbles over an independent, self-sufficient woman, complete with a small child, who’s as submissive as a turnip, is nearly inconceivable. This story truly shouldn’t work on any level. Jackson and Siobhan are 180 degrees apart with nothing in common. But, in my opinion, this is one of Raisa Greywood’s most intriguing books. She’s taken people with nothing in common in impossible circumstances and created a stunning story. I laughed, cried, trembled in fear, and wished for the impossible. I never saw the ending coming. Bit by bit, Ms. Greywood pulled me in and, in no time, hooked me. For me, this book was totally unexpected and brilliant! Congratulations, Ms. Greywood. You’ve accomplished something very few authors have. You took a story that never should have worked to one that was sheer perfection. Thank you so very much for this wonderful book!

A final note. First, while this is book 3 in the Roosters series, it’s a complete standalone. You don’t have to read any of the other books in this series to enjoy this one. Also, this is an ADULT book. It contains explicit language and BDSM sexual scenes. If you don't enjoy this genre, this may not be the book for you. Check the book blurbs and reviews available on Goodreads and all the booksellers where the book’s sold. Please use them before buying this book. I give this book my highest recommendation. I think you’ll love it too.

Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!

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