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It's the origin of new villain Mr. Bloom! In a tale from Bruce Wayne's past, Batman must investigate a vicious crime in the shadowy area of Gotham City known as the Narrows. Don't miss this special issue illustrated by superstar artist Jock (Wytches, GREEN ARROW YEAR ONE)! Batman is gone...but Bruce Wayne is alive? What does that mean for Gotham City? And who is Bruce Wayne without Batman? This special annual delves deeper into the mystery building, and whether or not Bruce can ever really escape from the shadow of the Dark Knight.

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September 9
DC Comics
DC Comics.

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sirvaganond ,

an exemplary... work.

Comics were once a haven for my youthful fantasies of heroic deeds and super'power's. I'll always love and respect their ability to 'teleport' a reader to a crime ridden city, nearby galaxy or exotic continent all with the flip of a page.

I can't say enough great things about the DC writers & artists for tackling this very serious topic in an exemplary piece of work.

While the caped crusader is our mythology, his standard for justice, as decreed from his creators, echo in ALL our hearts and imaginations: a protector and upholder of justice for those who desperately need protection regardless of the pigment of their skin.

I wonder if that's how many 'would be' public servants start out. Wanting to truly 'protect & serve'. maybe, along the tattered path of unwritten codes of conduct & daily forgotten horror ...they lose their way. The line of criminality and civility get blurred.

I don't know.

But i do know that we should strive to love ourselves and each other as Mr. Wayne loves his fictional city and it's inhabitants; even a lost boy desperately trying to keep what remains of his family together.

-turns on the bat signal-

Juliofrank83 ,

Hits the spot!

Had to read it twice to understand who was narrating. Thought it was Bruce narrating at first.

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