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Countering a culture that coerces men to suppress instead of express, Jason Wilson calls readers to unlearn society's definition of masculinity and discover the power of engaging with and mastering their emotions.

For decades Jason Wilson was losing the war within—the internal battle that many men wage daily but were never taught how to win. As a result, he could not combat his toxic thoughts and emotions. Instead, he was conquered by them and communicated without composure—hurting those he loved and himself. This went on until he renewed his mind by releasing years of past trauma. His life and relationships were transformed when he learned how to master his emotions and express them with self-control. In the process, Jason became a better husband, father, and leader.

In Battle Cry, Jason equips you with the mental and spiritual weapons needed to wage and win your inner war by showing you how to
master your emotions rather than be ruled by them;win internal battles before they become external wars;reject the world’s definition of masculinity and embrace comprehensive manhood;communicate more effectively with the people in your life; andrelease trauma from your past so you can live fully to your potential in the present.
You can live beyond the limitations of your mind and finally experience the life you’ve always longed for. You can break through what you’ve been through. It’s time to win the war within!

Religion & Spirituality
September 21
Thomas Nelson

Customer Reviews

Cali R. ,

Borderline obsessed.

Half way through this read had me sobbing. Though this book is intended for men, but as a woman I felt as though it was something my soul needed. I genuinely wished things were different between my father and I. I have tried to repair our relationship for years trying to be “the bigger person.” This book is a stepping stone to my healing journey as a young woman. I couldn’t be happier with everything he covered. Will be reading again next year.

farr4life ,

Great Book!!!

This book was so great! Very transparent and loved the follow up with scripture throughout. Definitely do not regret my copy!!!!

Campbellchris322 ,

Christian and Religious focused

The descriptions of this book fail to share that the content of this book rests heavily in Christian dogma and Bible teachings. This makes the accessibility of the information difficult and unpalatable to those of us who do not follow those beliefs.

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