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For the Guard, keeping Europe safe has never been more difficult.

The hunt for information on the FLF endangers lives, including one very dear to Arinna Prescot, the leader of Europe’s military. But as Derrick Eldridge volunteers for a risky mission to infiltrate the enemy, he leaves his best friend alone in confronting the ministers of MOTHER, who secretly manipulate Europe’s government. The same ministers who wish to remove Arinna and will not take a new threat to their power lightly.

By refusing to step aside as the unsanctioned leader of the Guard, Arinna widens the rift between Europe’s military and MOTHER, leaving the Guard scrambling to find enough soldiers to protect the border. Control of Europe hinges on internal plots, but Europe’s powerful are not hatching the only conspiracies. The battlefield is quiet but the fighting has not ceased. And its outcome will determine who rules Europe.

Continue the military dystopian series Friends of my Enemy with book 3, the Battle for Europe. Terrorism and new conflict bubble to the surface as political maneuverings threaten the stability of what might be the last refuge from an apocalyptic World War III that ravaged the continents.

Set in Europe, this near future fiction series of novels unfolds through the intersecting lives of a small handful of people and explores adult themes, both dark and hopeful, of friendship, romance, family, lust and sex, including how these influences direct everyday choices which ripple outwards to impact governments caught in a post apocalypse. Because not all influence is good, and not all decisions can be made in time.

What readers have said of the series:

“Part one of what appears to be an interesting tale of tangled relationships and covert happenings in a future earth torn asunder with riots and natural disasters. Strong characterization and believable scenarios coupled with a setting that is thought provoking and entertaining. I want to read the next one. Check this story out!” - J.Williams 4 stars

“Autumn has done it again. This book will grab you and carry you from beginning to end without a moment of boredom. Think of the quotation "The Enemy of my enemy is my friend" and you gain some insight into the substance of the story. I normally like Fantasy Adventure, but this novel was a great walk through something a little different. Can't recommend it enough.” - Victor 5 stars

Mysteries & Thrillers
February 14
Autumn M. Birt
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