Battle of the Bulge Battle of the Bulge
Book 4 - The Ohellno Series

Battle of the Bulge

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Publisher Description

From New York Times Bestseller Mimi Jean Pamfiloff comes BATTLE OF THE BULGE, Book Four of the OHellNO Series. (A Standalone.)

“Chicks can’t be bodyguards. Especially hot chicks.”

MY NAME IS MITCH HOFER. I’m a world-famous swimmer from Australia, best known for three things: my gold medals, my looks, and filling out a swimsuit with my…eh-hem—bulky equipment. Let’s just say there’s a reason my nickname is “the Bulge.” 

But beyond the fame, sponsors, and glory, there’s more to me than people know, including one hell of a mess I’ve gotten mixed up in. Life-or-death stuff, so bring in the professionals. Just don’t give me a chick bodyguard. Especially a young hot one who distracts me at every turn and hates my guts…

MY NAME IS ABI CARTER, and I hate Mitch Hofer. Yeah, he might be the sexiest champion swimmer in the world, but I’d give this guy a gold medal for being a first-class jerk. 

Unfortunately, my boss has given me a choice—guard Mitch or get another job. And I really need the money. I can be professional, but if Mitch says “chicks can’t be bodyguards” one more time, I just might strangle him myself. 

Still, something about the way Mitch keeps looking at me makes me think there’s more to his story. It’s almost as if he’s trying to drive me away. But why?

February 14
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Paper & Silver, Inc.

Customer Reviews

I'm not really going ,

A battle I would love to fight!

In this stand alone fourth book in the Ohellno series, Mitch, Olympic medal winning swimmer, bathing suit model, and all around hunk is in desperate need of security. Abi is in a bad spot and needs the security job badly to save her mom’s home and business. Unfortunately, she finds out that the person she has been assigned to protect is also the hunky swimmer who she had an amazing night with (no sex) but was then rudely thrown out of his bed in the morning with no explanation. These two are either a match made in heaven or a match made in hell. Who is the real Mitch and can she keep him alive to find out? This book is a real page turner which will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you have read the previous books in this series, you will love the way this book adds to the story. If you haven’t, you will love the book anyway ( but I suggest you get the others)! Another great book by Mimi Jean!!

Ayekah ,

Laugh out Loud Fantastic!

Mimi Jean does it again! This time she brings us an Aussie world class gold medal swimmer, Mitch Hofer (that name still puzzles me) and Abi Carter quiet, smart student now turned bodyguard to make some money and best friends with Georgie. Abi has history with Mitch, a one perfect night, no sex, that ends up with him tossing her clothes in her face and shoving her out the door. She hates Mitch. Mitch doesn't think women should be bodyguards. The tension between the two went from hysterical to I wanted to smack Mitch over the head. Abi is working for Sam and Mitch has hired his company after his life has been threatened and those threats are serious. He's moved to the states after this Uncle is killed and Mitch refuses protective custody.
MJ pulls out all of her snarky bits for the this one. The banter between these two was hysterical as was the girl talk between her and Georgie. I haven't laughed like this for a while, and though the book had it's serious moments and plenty of suspense the best part of the story was watching Abi and Mitch's relationship unfold. Not to say it was easy going... not a chance. I loved Abi's attitude and inner dialogue along with Mitch's Weeno wear and his hidden soft spot for Abi. They were perfect together. The book is a keeper. Smooth Mimi Jean style, storyline woven seamlessly, and never a dull moment make this one to add to the must read shelf. The laughs make it perfection.

advance copy graciously provided by author

arhodes202 ,

Another great read

Abi an introverted nerd girl, becomes the bodyguard to Mitch a self-centered (or is he?), gold medalist and swim suit model. The sparks between these two are off the charts from their first meeting. There's history between Abi and Mitch which makes it hard for Abi to want to protect him. This book is full of humor as well as some suspense that keeps you hooked from the start. It's book four in the series and can be read as a standalone but is much more enjoyable if read in order. Another 5+++ read from Mimi Jean Pamfiloff.

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