Battle To Win

Pessing Through Pain For A God-Sized Outcome: A 40-Day Devotional Journal

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“Stranded in a desert of grief and pain? As a pastor myself, I’ve seen just how much God can do in 40 days. Just as the Spirit led Jesus into the desert for fasting, prayer, and ultimate victory over Satan, Armando’s comforting words throughout this devotional remind us that ‘Jesus made it out of the desert, and so will you.’ Armando’s passionate desire to serve the Church and his community combined with his unique experience as both a pastor AND a licensed mental health counselor makes him a trustworthy guide for all those journeying with Jesus through a personal desert of loss and grief.”

Tim Lucas, founder and lead pastor of Liquid Church, author of Liquid Church: 6 Powerful Currents to Saturate Your City for Christ

Battle to Win is a 40-Day Devotional Journal based on a personal traumatic event that Armando and his family endured. Readers are invited along a transparent journey of pain, struggle, despair, and ultimate victory as a family. Knowing God was in the midst of Armando’s pain and turmoil provides others with hope and purpose that no matter what the battle, God’s got us!

Life never prepares us for when hardships come. We all wish there was a guidebook or some sort of navigation helping us to journey through what we were so unprepared for. That’s what this book is. It’s a guide book and a journey of faith.

This book is a combination of his prayer journal shared with you. It is an opportunity for you in your grief and pain to journey alongside someone in theirs and discover God in faith together. what makes this devotional unique is each day has thoughtful and intentional questions and after you have finished the devotion you would have written your own story. Your story will be a God side story and a story of great triumph.

Armando Palazzo is the lead Pastor of Fusion Church in Fishkill NY. He also has an MA in Counseling and currently works not only as a pastor but bi-vocationally as a licensed mental health Counselor/Therapist in New York and New Jersey. In his practice of psychotherapy, he provides individual therapy primarily to adults and works with families and groups. He specializes in the facilitation of interpersonal and social skills, communication skills, and the treatment of various disorders. He married his long-time best friend, Jo Marie, for 21 years. Together they parent four wonderful children. His oldest two attend college while their younger two children are currently attending high school.

Armando believes that it’s in our pain that we need to find help, we need to find community, and most of all we need to find God. What Armando discovered in his pain in penning his first book, Battle to Win, is that you don’t have to know “how” God will give you the victory, you just have to know “Who!” Visit for more information.

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    KDM_22 ,

    Battle to Win is Highly Recommended!

    Armando Palazzo’s, Battle to Win, is an incredible resource for anyone struggling with pain, suffering, or grief. It is clear that Mr. Palazzo has an incredible gift in counseling and empowering others in times of difficulty. Written through his own emotional journey to healing and peace, each daily devotional provides promising scripture verses, guided prayers, and questions for personal reflection and journaling. I highly recommend Battle to Win; it is an encouraging reminder that despite life’s chaos and pain, there is hope and healing in knowing that God is with us and He is in control.