Battlefield of the Will

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Apostle Paul is very clear in his writings about the tripartite nature of human being, as a spirit, as a soul and as a body. We also know that our soul includes our mind, our will and our emotion. While all these nature of our being function together, they are different in what they do.

In my quest to study and be knowledgeable, either for the purposes of teaching or personally, I came to the conclusion based on many scripture that what is considered human mind is very different from what human will is, and what God’s will is – pertaining scripture are discussed in details in the book.

The mind is where humans make and store information both explainable by science – neurology. The will on the other hand is what pushes humans to act on what he/she knows to be true or has already decided in the mind. Acting on a decision is the act of our Will. Although God gave humans “free” will – the ability to decide what we want even with established truth (decision), He however wants us some would argue commands us to submit our will to His will for a great journey on earth.

This book explore God’s will, human will and how we submit our will to God’s will overcoming whatever obstacle might be on our path. I pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal God’s Truth more to you beyond the words of this book.    

William Femi Awodele is the Executive Director of Christian Couples Fellowship International, Inc., a marriage ministry based in Omaha, Nebraska, in the United States. Femi and Ola (a Physician) have been married for 23 years and they are blessed with three children (Ibukunoluwa 20, Fiyinfoluwa 16 and Ebunoluwa 14). Femi is the author of many books, among them the Home Improvements Series - volumes I and II, Agapao – Unconditional love (a novel) and the Law of Undulation.

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July 31
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