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Can you imagine living in a place that is effected by weather, ocean currents, and decisions of land use board members. Bayocean was at risk of loosing it all and it was lost at a time when it was most vulnerable. Tillamook County lost a valuable asset, lost a beautiful quaint little community nestled on a peninsula of land that was effected by such outside forces that it could not survive and is trying to rise from the sand today but will not because of the decisions of board members and councils that dont want to be bothered with her any longer. To be left untouched and buried is a sad story told by one who lived there when the town was starting to fall and continued to fall until its total demise when burned and buried under the sand, in his quest to make this place not to be forgotten Perry Reeder and his daughter Sarah MacDonald, conjure up the stories of the past and tell the truth about what happened to this small coastal community, this beautiful place that had running water, electricity and cobblestone streets, hotels, stores of business, post office and much more. A community of loving families that struggled together but were left with nothing.
The most important issue that seems to be ignored mostly by those who want to keep Bayocean under the sand is the issue of the South Jetty, if ignored will once again reek havoc on this beautiful peninsula, Cape Meares is more at risk than Bayocean. Its a sad thing to have to fight over who goes there or the issues of recreational activities over issues that will actually destroy the entire area, we need to stop the feuding and work together to keep Bayocean a place for all to enjoy. Ending the Bayocean wars for the last time, before it once again gets destroyed would be a feat in itself. In this book we hope you will come to know Bayocean a little better and understand the issues that surround her today and enjoy a little glimpse into the past as well.

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July 22
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Dghjjllngds ,

Great historical read

I thoroughly enjoyed this combination of history and incredible stories. What a treat!

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