BB and Sam: The Return of the Champion BB and Sam: The Return of the Champion

BB and Sam: The Return of the Champion

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BB and Sam have never left the sleepy little town where they were born, but that is about to change! Unexpected adventure awaits them when their journalist parents take them on assignment to Thailand. 

Arriving in Bangkok, they meet a prize-winning muay Thai boxer, Kak, who has suddenly lost his fighting spirit. Eager to find out the “real story” behind Kak, BB and Sam go on a quest to unravel the mystery. Their journey leads them to a mysterious bookshop, flooded jungles, an elusive white elephant, remote villages and more. Along the way, BB and Sam discover what it means to have courage and the importance of respecting culture and tradition. 

BB and Sam: The Return of the Champion is Book 1 of The Adventures of BB and Sam--a classic travel adventure series for families with global curiosity. Ages 8+

This enhanced book includes video, interactive images, illustrations, audio, photo galleries, discussion questions and trivia. 

    Young Adult
    April 30
    Bon Education FZE
    Bon Education FZE
    Grades 3-6

    Customer Reviews

    El H 51 ,

    BB and Sam

    BB and Sam are terrific! The adventure is great. It really makes me want to go visit Polka the elephant! Love the video of the elephant sanctuary! I'm looking forward to other BB and Sam adventures!

    NancyCarolyn ,

    BB and Sam Rock!

    Just finished reading BB and Sam Return of the Champion and loved it! As a mom and educator I think it is an excellent book for children even as young as 6 and a bit older than 12. I enjoyed it as an adult because of all the positive messages for kids, such as having an adventurous spirit, trying new things, challenging yourself, and being open to new experiences and cultures. The education value is evident right away with the vocabulary that is challenging, but well supported with examples and kid-friendly definitions, as well as facts throughout the book on Thai culture and historic sights. The story is exciting and fast-paced and ends with a real transformation of character for Kak the Thai fighter. Take your kids on an adventure. Read BB and Sam!h

    KidsReadBooks ,

    Must read for School Kids - Great Story!

    BB and Sam The Return Of A Champion is a great book for kids that are interested in adventure and exploring the world. I think BB and Sam can make it cool to be smart again! Great interactive features throughout the book keep the reader entertained and engaged. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this Childrens Book become very popular amongst kids 6 years old to 12 years old, both boys and girls! Highly recommended and will continue to support this children’s book series.

    Paul & Mary K

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