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A story about treating friends with respect and kindness, and showing perseverance through troubles. 

When a girl feels hurt by her friend, all she can think to do is hurt her friend right back. Girls can be pretty mean to each other, and the wise old tree at this playground has seen this cycle of nastiness before. As a frustrated, upset young girl thinks about how she’ll get even with her friend, the wise tree speaks up to help the girl find a more kind, respectful way to work out her friendship troubles. In the end, the girl learns that perseverance in doing the right thing makes you happier in the long run.

“I understand. Your heart and your stomach are tied up in knots. If you leave Emma out so her heart hurts too, will that help you feel better?” asked the tree.

“Not when you say it like that. That just sounds mean. But what else can I do?” pleaded the girl. 

Through captivating illustrations and some chuckles, Be Bigger helps children to work through their emotions and to see a positive, respectful way of working out disagreements. The tree uses ages-old wisdom and loving encouragement to teach us how to do the right thing in our friendships, and how to persevere even when it's hard. 

Written for children grades K-4, Talking with Trees books include supersize pictures that engage children emotionally, helping them learn how to use their hearts and minds to guide them toward building good character traits. The included discussion guide helps parents and teachers expand on the story to talk about children's own experiences building good character. Free supporting teaching materials are available at http://TalkingTreeBooks.com 

Includes audio of the book read by the author.

May 10
LoveWell Press
Colleen D Bryant

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