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Howdy! Hey you! Yeah...YOU!

Why are you even here reading this wanting to be funny? Ah, let me guess...

- Is it to impress the hot ladies or cute guys, hoping to get into her panties or his tidy-whities?

- Is it to get along with your boss, colleagues, families, or whoever the heck is in your life?

- Is it to make people like you and have more friends because you have nada?

- Is it to advance your professional life to have all the fancy cars, big house, and shoes (ladies)?

- Is it to have a freaking awesome social life to be Mr. or Ms. Congeniality?

Now listen up for I got a funny bone to pick with you. Let me let you in on a little secret. Being funny is not a talent you are born with, in fact, anybody can be mad funny, even if they're not (especially if they're not).

You know deep down, you know that already or else, why would you be interested in "learning" how to be funny.

Still don't believe you can be damn funny? Fine, you left me no choice...

Let's put it this way, what if somebody were to put a pistol to your head and said, "Be funny, or die!" You would force yourself to be ridiculously damn funny like you never thought possible!

That's what "Be FUNNY or DIE" will do, make you ridiculously damn funny.

Just have a look at how funny you can be:

* How to spice up any of your interaction with "funny recipes" to be a comical conversationalist (talking muy caliente) to get people laughing their tails off?

* How to be master of the witty one-liners, that you can pull out of thin air and have people impress by such talented creative-wit of yours (haha good one)?

* How to be spontaneous always have the right things to say to generate a laugh, or get out of troublesome sticky situations ("uh-oh, oh-no" but fear not)?

* How to create and tell your funny jokes the right way, so you always over deliver the goods and won't fall flat on your tooshie (ouch! that's gonna gotta hurt)?

* How to craft and come up with your own hilarious stories to tell whenever and wherever you want, to get people falling for you (marry me please!)?

* How to actually be funny rather than just saying something funny, and the different comical character archetypes that you can emulate to be funny (laughing with you, not at you)?

* How to incorporate humor into your everyday life, and have a lifestyle always comprising of humor and good laughters (you're so funny)?

...and that's only just a tip on the bird's nest. There's many more goodies in stored for you on the other side.

Well? What you waiting for?

Do you want to be funny or not? Don't make me force you.

Be funny, or die! The choice is yours.

September 27
Gabriel Angelo
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Jesse Handley ,

Useful tips, techniques, and methods to be a real funny guy.

Don’t let the title fool you – this book was not written by a 8-year old. Chapter 1 begins with extolling the virtues of being a funny person. Conversations go over smoother, you are more attractive to others, life overall is more enjoyable and brings people together in a more friendly atmosphere of work and play. Of course, humor is a matter of perception so Chapter 2 talks about how to be perceived as funny by others. There is an ‘art’ to being funny – waiting for the right moment for the punchline or your momma joke. It mentions that more people aren’t funny because they have inhibitions. Lower those inhibitions and the sky is the limit. You can’t go through life being too serious, a downer, or being to meticulous.

So the tools are presented in easy-to-read paragraphs. Exaggerate your stories, be outrageous at times, make fun of yourself, be sarcastic. Each of these is covered in depth. What I really liked is the idea of creating your own, ‘funny character’ who you can pull out and present for others. You practice impressions of others, an accent, funny lines, and you deliver them when the time is right. The one-liners discussed in Chapter 6 is a extremely useful skill and I read that chapter several times. You wouldn’t think that science had much to do with being funny but this book really breaks down the science of it.

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