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The world's most successful startups all share one quality. They started out being known only by a passionate few - their superfans who spread the word about them and pushed the new company to fame and fortune. In this book, you'll receive valuable marketing tips and techniques to build your startup’s culture from the inside out. The author shares the steps you need to take to develop your community of customers and fans. You’ll learn what engagement tools and techniques to use, be they in advertising, writing blogs, posting social media, or speaking appearances. Part One of the book is foundational, clarifying the concepts you need to recognize, develop and spread your company culture. Part Two is a step-by-step guide to turning your first one hundred users into a thousand true fans, and then leverage the interest of those early adopters into your next ten thousand fans and beyond. The areas covered include:

How to define and deploy your company culture
How to win fans who become customers
Hacks for building a vibrant online community
Techniques for leveraging social media marketing
How to use email marketing lists
Facebook advertising tips
Using blogs and podcasts to build your user base
How to go from one hundred true fans a thousand to ten thousand and more

If you launch a startup without creating a social culture around it or connecting with an existing social culture, your startup will drop like a rock in the ocean and will never be seen again. Read this book, and you’ll never have that problem. You’ll build your company culture into an engine to attract and retain users, creating a feedback loop to keep you on the right track.

Praise for Be More Popular

Be More Popular is the first book I've read that gives practical advice on how to create a culture. It is an easy, enjoyable, quick read and a great companion for your next flight. - Kevin Dewalt, founder, ScribbleIQ

This book provides a huge value. The author covers the concept of culture for start ups, which may seem vague or hard to understand but he makes it concrete. It's a great book for any business whether you are a start-up or a well-established organization. One of the most valuable points I got is that your business will have a culture whether you are intentional about it or not. - Michele Christensen, business strategist

Great advice on culture, community, and marketing for startups. Lee clearly knows his stuff and shares it all in this book. Be More Popular is packed with actionable strategies and tactics. I highly recommend this book if you want to learn more about culture building for startups. - Mike Fishbein, entrepreneur

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May 6
Lee Schneider
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