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A heartwarming story about honesty, listening to your conscience, and growing from mistakes. 

A wise, old tree has been watching over this yard for a long, long time. So when she finds a young boy hiding behind her to secretly use his game player, the tree surprises him by striking up a conversation. With the help of the tree's ages old wisdom, the boy learns to listen to his heart and make honest choices he can be proud of--even when no one is looking. 

"Because even though his momma didn't know what he'd done, his conscience did," the tree said. 

"What's a 'conshunts'?" he asked, a little worried now. 

"A conscience is that voice in your head, and that feeling in your heart, that tells you if something is right or wrong, even when no one is looking," the tree explained. 

I think I might now that feeling, the boy thought, looking at his game player.

"Oh no! I have a conscience!" 

Children will chuckle as they read about the boy's misadventures, and will feel the emotions of a situation they've probably been in themselves. Through humor, beautiful pictures, and a few surprises, the boy learns about being honest, and about growing from his mistakes. 

Written for children grades K-4, Talking with Trees books include supersize pictures that engage children emotionally, helping them learn how to use their hearts and minds to guide them toward building good character traits. The included discussion guide helps parents and teachers expand on the story to talk about children's own experiences building good character. Free supporting teaching materials are available at http://TalkingTreeBooks.com 

Includes audio of the book read by the author.

December 1
LoveWell Press
Colleen D Bryant

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