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Get swept away to the beautiful and breezy Isle of Palms with New York Times bestselling author Mary Alice Monroe’s return to her “exceptional and heartwarming” (Publishers Weekly) Beach House series, set in South Carolina’s lowcountry.

Two women. One summer. One very special beach house.

Cara Rutledge rents her quaint cottage on Isle of Palms to Heather Fordham for the entire summer. As beautiful as the Isle of Palms is, Heather’s anxiety keeps her indoors with her caged canaries as she paints birds for postage stamps. Eventually, however, the shore birds—and a man who rescues them—lure her outside.

As the summer progresses and Heather begins to blossom, Cara’s life reels with sudden tragedy. She wants only to return home but Heather refuses to budge from her sanctuary. As everything around the ladies is coming apart, they discover they can only rely on each other. Now, the two women who don’t really know each other are forced to live together and support each other as they navigate the next chapter of their lives.

Featuring Monroe’s signature “lyrical, emotional, and gripping” (RT Book Reviews), Beach House for Rent demonstrates the power and strength of female friendships.

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June 20
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Customer Reviews

Kimmiekt ,

Transports you to the shore

Lovely book!

BlueShoe222 ,

Another Winner!

Loved this book from start to finish!

Marge_Roberts ,

A beautiful return to the lush lowcountry

With words as lush as the scenery, passion for the lowcountry is written with heart and soul in this novel about multi-generational friends helping and guiding each other through hardships. Cara Rutledge inherited Primrose Cottage on the Isle of Palms from her mother, Lovie, who passed away ten years ago. David Wyatt rents the cottage for his daughter, Heather, to live in for the whole summer in order for her to complete her commissioned job of creating illustrations for postage stamps, using shorebirds as her focus. Living away from home for the first time is overwhelming for Heather, but with her three musical canaries and the beauty of the sea and sea life, there couldn't be a better setting for doing her work. She meets Cara, also a main focus of this story, Bo Stanton, who is finishing up the deck work at the cottage, and Flo, who lives next door with Cara's best friend, Emmi. Long walks along the beaches with camera in hand to capture the personalities of the shorebirds encourage her. Bo shows her laughter and love of life in the lowcountry. The loggerheads that continuously come back to lay their eggs in nests they build, and the creatures of the air and sea are all beautifully woven into this story of loss, anxiety, healing, the art of living, and love. I highly recommend this book to those of us that relish descriptive writings that have you slow down and devour every word in order to treasure the scenery wrapped around you. I loved everything about this novel. [I received an early copy for my honest review.]

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