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Danny Phillips, gun in hand, enters the dark shack. In the middle of the room, he pulls a hanging light switch. The bulb moves frenetically filling the room with bursts of light and shadow.
Danny steadies the light only to see a set of shackles on the wall and dried blood on the floor.
"OH GOD no, no, no, what did I do?" Danny falls to his knees, "This is my fault, I should have done more."

* * *

Growing up in Brooklyn, the son of an honest beat cop, Danny Phillips wanted it all and he flew high on Wall Street; blondes, bourbon and success. But when that came crashing down, he found himself working as a cop in Beachside PD—running scams for his Brooklyn buddy Angelo Tedeschi and the crooked Captain Hagen.
The last thing this charming entrepreneur wanted to be was a cop, but due to his Wall Street smarts and his unexpected bravery in the line of duty, Hagen quickly promoted him to the rank of Detective Specialist in charge of the Missing Persons Bureau.
His complex relationship with fellow officer Anna Perez and an encounter with Rudy, a badly scarred young boy, slowly began to soften his amoral behavior. But he hasn’t reached redemption yet and when he ignores a string of missing children cases and the bodies of two kidnapped young boys are discovered, he is suspended from duty.
Danny is faced with a choice—continue with his amoral ways or to become the type of cop he swore he'd never be. Battling his inner demons, this reluctant knight begins his ultimate quest for redemption.
Will he turn away from his sexual escapades with his posse of blondes and hook up with Anna Perez? Will he set aside his illegal schemes and find the killer? And what will Danny do when he is confronted by the ultimate horror of his actions?

Mysteries & Thrillers
June 7
Beachside PD Books
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