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Lyssa -- I should have known I’d end up with a biker. Most of my friends sighed over men in suits. Not me. I always liked a bad boy in grease-stained jeans. Probably comes with being raised by a club President. My daddy didn’t raise a fool, but my mother raised a dreamer. And if there’s one thing I’ve dreamt about the last few years, it’s Beast. He’s big. All alpha. But more importantly, the first time I see him in person, the moment our lips touch, I know he’s going to be mine. I might have been the princess of the Dixie Reapers, but I was meant to be his queen.

Beast -- A goddess walked into my clubhouse and turned my life upside down… in the best of ways. Just one problem. Well, two. The first is that my little pixie-sized honey isn’t just any woman. Her daddy is the President of another club, and her grandfather is a world-renowned assassin. And secondly, trouble is on her heels. The punk who thinks he can take what’s mine is easily dealt with, but going toe to toe with Torch and Casper VanHorne is enough to leave any man shaking in his boots.

Good thing I’m not just any man. I’m Beast. President of the Reckless Kings MC. And I’m the man who’s going to claim Lyssa, even if I have to knock her up to do it.

February 5
Changeling Press LLC
Changeling Press LLC

Customer Reviews

Melissa Kemp-Toner ,

Great Book!

I loved Beast & Lyssa’s story. Torch is my all time favorite book boyfriend. So I knew his daughter would give her man a run for his money. She did hire assassins when she was younger in Naughty or Nice (Casper’s story). I love the men and women of the DR, DB, DF, HA and RK. I can’t wait to see where the next chapter takes us. Pick up Venom the book where it all stated today to come on a great journey with us.

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