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"Beat the Odds is the playbook every manager should read to be sure of winning beyond the next few quarters.” 

Lee Iacocca 

“Hurray ! A business book which will appeal not only to founders/entrepreneurs but anyone involved in building and managing a growing business. One of the most important points you should take away from Beat the Odds is the critical importance of creating fluid mechanisms and ideas that will shape the future of your organization. Unlike so many other management authors, Rudzki's ideas are authentic.” 

Anita Roddick, Founder, The Body Shop 

About the Item:

Beat the Odds fills a crucial void in the current business literature. It clearly illustrates why great organizations slip from leader to follower to road-kill, and how organizations can Beat the Odds and avoid this fate. This is a concise must-read for senior executives, and for any manager interested in seeing his or her organization avoid corporate death and build for the future. 

Beat the Odds evolved from a study of a broad pool of companies across a wide spectrum of performance over an extended period of time. The book presents a tested and comprehensive nine-part framework for understanding, building and ensuring long-term organizational success through the ups and downs of business cycles, competitive cycles and management cycles. Supported by real case studies, each of the nine framework elements includes a clear description of the underlying principles pertaining to both successful and dysfunctional behaviors. 

The assessment and diagnostic tools provided in this book are designed to give managers deep insights into their firm’s underlying challenges and for performing their own gap analysis of where they are now, versus where they should be. It also features the factual basis for corrective action and prescriptive steps for immediate deployment of this framework.

Key Features:

--Presents a tested and refined nine-part integrated and practical framework for understanding, building, and ensuring organizational success, regardless of changing economic, financial, regulatory and technology factors
--Illustrates the validity, power, and value of the nine principles using numerous real examples, and shows the toxic effects of ignoring the principles
--Features three “inside stories” (case studies) that illustrate how energized and aligned leadership teams can harness the framework to secure their organizations’ long-term success
--Provides prescriptive steps for immediate deployment of this framework and its underlying principles
--Includes mini-case studies for readers to gain practice using the diagnostic tools and to test their understanding of the framework before applying it to their own organization

About the Author:

Robert A. Rudzki is a former senior corporate executive, who is now President of Greybeard Advisors LLC, a firm that assists enterprises improve their near-term financial performance and long-term business viability. He is also a director of a privacy and security software company, and is an Advisory Board member of several companies. Previously, Bob was Senior Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer at Bayer Corp., where he led a nationally recognized transformation effort. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and management meetings, and is the co-author of the supply management best-seller Straight to the Bottom Line™.

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March 29
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J. Ross Publishing

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