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Not the size to blend in anywhere … Not that he cared …

Beau heads to Alaska to a cult that kidnaps women to flesh out its numbers. One woman in particular has gone missing. When her father calls in a favor, Beau is asked to fit into the cult community. Only his style is guns blazing, and he doesn’t bother counting the dead …

Danica was late for her college class when a hood was thrown over her head, and then she was tossed into the back of a vehicle. Days later, she wakes up on a dirt floor of a cell with only a grate above her head. But she’ll take it as she’s nothing if not innovative. As soon as she escapes her prison, she runs into the brick wall that’s Beau. He’d good at giving orders. She’s not so good at following them …

With dozens of lives at stake in a sex-trafficking scheme, neither Beau nor Danica had expected it would be action all the way for them as they battle to free other women and to stay alive–together.

February 18
Valley Publishing Ltd.
Valley Publishing Ltd.

Customer Reviews

777sails ,

Beau (The Mavericks Book 4)

I received a complimentary copy of this book and I am voluntarily reviewing it.

This was a fast moving story. I was swept away in the gripping tale of human trafficking. Beau Madison is transitioning out of the Navy SEAL program. After helping on another mission, he is assigned one of his one. He is in search of a missing 29 year old college student, Danika Lindstrom. Fortunately Danika is very resourceful. She manages to escape her cell and in the process runs into Beau. This story is one that really kept me glued to my e-reader. The action, suspense and intrigue really made for a story that kept me on edge.

I adored the fact that this was written in my favorite dual POV format. Getting into the mind set of this two really helped me to fully understand them. There was so much action going on that it would have been difficult to see the attraction between them without getting that inside look.

There was a sexy scene but was written in a way that really shouldn't offend anyone BUT that being said, I can only recommend this story to anyone over the age of 18. If you are over 18 and LOVE, intrigue and suspense with your romance, then you have to try this story. While it is a part of the series, you really don't have to read the prior stories to fully understand this one. It can be read as a stand-alone.

Cheryl SDS ,

Fantastic action!

This is book 4 in the Mavericks series and it features Beau, Danika and Asher, as Beau’s teammate. She was kidnapped from her college campus, beaten and flown to an unknown location. Danika is not one to sit idly by. She escapes, which is how Beau finds her. Their connection is instant. Though she has no former military training, she’s remarkably good with a gun, quick on her very damaged feet and always puts other people before herself. Could she be anymore perfect for him?

This story line is a little bit funny, a whole lot of tragically serious and all the while we get to watch a budding romance happen between Beau and Danika. Such a fantastic action packed series with amazing characters! I’m really looking forward to Asher’s story.

Jmoms ,


Another great Mavericks book! Beau is on his own mission that takes him to Alaska to rescue a woman from a cult/sex trade operations.
Danika is thankful to be rescued, but there’s more to this story.

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