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This book is written for those who have recently been introduced to Islam, and who already have knowledge and some degree of conviction about Islam, but which may have had their origin in inadequate or invalid sources. The information people gather about Islam is, in most cases, limited to what their families, friends or certain books present. However, accurate information about Islam can be accessed only by referring to the Qur'an, the source of Islam.
The Qur'an is the final revelation sent by God, as guidance to mankind. The only book revealed by God to have survived completely intact, is the Qur'an. It contains only that which has been revealed by God. God sent down His message, either by way of Gabriel, or through direct inspiration to the Prophet Muhammad. The Qur'an consists of only that which was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad .
The Qur'an is guidance to lead man to the path of rectitude. It is the revelation of God, sent to bring man from darkness to light. By way of the Qur'an, Our Lord, the Creator of man and all living things, directs His servants to the straight path.
In this book, based on information provided by the Qur'an, we have discussed God, His attributes, the real purpose of our existence in this world, what we need to do to comply with it, the reality of death and that which awaits us, the afterlife.
We highly recommend that you read this book carefully, and reflect upon its lessons, because they are intended to draw you nearer to your Creator, and show you the way to infinite bliss and salvation.

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June 6
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