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La Beautiful série continue,avec deux nouveaux titres qui paraissent simultanément en France et aux États- Unis. Un roman court: Beautiful Boss (mars 2016) et un roman long qui paraitra en octobre 2016.

Dans cette " novella ", Will Sumner et Hanna Bergstrom (les personnages de Beautiful Player) découvrent que le mariage et l'amour éternel ne sont qu'un début. Un homme à femmes dompté. Un rat de laboratoires comblé. Et une décision cruciale à prendre.

Quand Will est tombé amoureux d'Hanna, son sens de l'humour et son ambition, le faisaient craquer sans parler de sa timidité de novice en matière de sexe et son désir de tout apprendre de lui.

Mais quand les offres de travail se présentent à elle –; et elles arrivent en masse –;, Hanna n'arrive pas à savoir ce qu'elle veut vraiment, où ils devraient vivre, et jusqu'à quel point elle doit impliquer Will dans sa décision.

Les étincelles au lit ne sont qu'un versant d'une relation... bien s'entendre au quotidien en est un autre.

March 3
Hugo Roman
Interforum, S.A.

Customer Reviews

glhince ,

you’ll be hooked and want more of the Beautiful Bastard series.

AudioBook Review:
Stars: Overall 4 Narration 5 Story 4

Will and Hanna have been a ‘must see’ couple for many, their commitment and devotion to one another (not to mention the heat) just makes them adorable. NO, everything in their lives aren’t perfect, and Hanna is finally seeing the result of all her hard work as she is scheduling interviews for the next phase of her life, but we rejoin them the night before their wedding.

Oh weddings – the stress and fuss for the one day, where all of your childhood expectations are often so integrally entwined in your expectations for the day. Everything (at that moment) is just building to the day, and no one thinks too far past. But it’s the anticipation and the truly sweet moments between them as the hour approaches, the trying and failing to not see one another the night before, and the display of heart, hope and true love that shines through.

But every high needs a low, and these two find the adjustment to life as a couple is much more challenging than they ever expected. No, there are not high levels of angst and conflict in this novella, but the realistic depiction of the communication difficulties they have DESPITE seeing how they are both all in, and the small adjustments they learn to make to continue to keep their relationship strong.

Narration is provided by Grace Grant and Sebastian York – and as a pair these two become Hanna and Will. Both bring a sense of ‘knowing’ their characters and inhabiting their skins, using modulation in tone, pitch and delivery speed to present moments with the appropriate emotional affect. I truly could listen to them deliver most any story, but the interplay in their performance added to the story and made me feel like Hanna and Will were living their story in front of me. Take a moment to introduce yourself to this series in Audio with this book – you’ll be hooked and want more of the Beautiful Bastard series.

I received an AudioBook copy of the title from Simon and Schuster Audio for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

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