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Reed Maxwell was always the black sheep of the family. Unlike his popular and outdoor loving brothers, Reed preferred to have his nose in a book. He's book smart, but not all that great when it comes to the basic logistics of life. His wife left him shortly after his daughter was born, and six years later he's still struggling to balance family time with work time. Which, as a surgeon, is not easy.

Reed hires Kennedy as his personal chef and nanny. Kennedy Wolfe is a beautiful redhead with a passion for cooking. She is not interested in being a nanny, but she's desperate for a job and the money with Reed is good. She takes it while she tries to decide what she wants to do with her life. 

The last thing that either Reed or Kennedy expects is to fall in love. But she's the nanny, and the last thing he wants is for his daughter to get the wrong idea. And that's not the only thing that he has to worry about when he turns around one day to find his ex-wife staring back at him.

December 16
Alexa Davis
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Burrisaurus ,


I liked the storyline, although some things felt forced to progress the story. And if you’re looking for a steamy romance, this is NOT for you. Characters kiss (first time), immediately walk upstairs, take off (their own) clothes, no dialogue, no foreplay, and have sex, end scene. Almost within one page. It was inelegant. Some portions of this book were so awkward and lacking because the author crammed them in. OK story. OK book overall.

NosyMama ,


I never write reviews but I had to one this one. I couldn’t even finish it...it was that boring. And the dialogue, horrible. If I had paid money for this book I would be demanding a refund.

Cadeesmommy ,

Uncomfortable and slow

It took 7 chapters for the main characters to meet. Totally written from a woman’s point of view and how a woman would want a man to act in the situation. The sexy parts were just cringy and uncomfortable. I tried to read the whole thing but there was zero depth to the characters even after 200 pages of description.

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