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Lots of planning and preparation happens before the dream vacation does. Beautiful Olympic Peninsula Travel Guide prepares and accompanies you from start to finish. 

Plan your trip and settle on an itinerary. Finalize your plans with lists of local festivals, equipment rentals, and whale-watching or commercial tour companies. 

Pore over the main travel guide’s 204 pages and 22 modules as you plan and as you travel. It’ll give you a bit of history, all the local attractions, and some of the best hotels and restaurants. 

While you’re having the time of your life, we keep your days exciting - in a good way - by cluing you in to road conditions, weather forecasts, tide charts and apps, and highway mileage charts. 

The book also provides a bit of Olympic Mountain history, explanations regarding rainshadows and rainforests, local rainfall averages, and some of the amazing local flora and fauna. 

A comprehensive index will put the info at your fingertips when you need it. 

There’s much more than this inside these covers, of course, but now you know this book might just be an indispensable part of your dream vacation.

About the Author

Karen Patry worked for years as an executive assistant in the medical field before entering the fascinating realm of website creation. (The website, Raising-Rabbits.com, is her doing, along with the accompanying book, Rabbit Raising Problem Solver.) For the last decade and more, Karen has lived, traveled, and overworked her camera throughout the Olympic Peninsula. In awe of the beauty, she created the growing website, BeautifulPacificNorthwest.com, where you can peak into the Pacific Northwest, share your own beautiful photos of the Northwest, or research your next vacation to the area, including this book. When not traveling, writing, or indulging her attempts at amateur photography, she enjoys organic gardening and tending her flock of chickens.

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May 23
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