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This eBook contains more than 50 articles on beauty and health.

Table of Contents

Intro: Do It Yourself Beauty Tips
Hair Care: Eliminating Oily Hair
Hair Care: Hiding Your Body Hair with Darkness
Hair Care: Characteristics of Hair
Hair Care: Dandruff Cures That Work
Hair Care: Getting Your Hair Straight
Hair Care: Three Natural Products That Will Help You Improve Your Hair
Hair Care: Is The Brazilian Keratin Treatment for You?
Hair Care: Looking For the Best Shampoo?
Hair Care: The Fastest Way to Get Long Hair
Makeup: Quick Tips to Improve Your Make Up
Makeup: Get Your Dream Lashes
Makeup: Using Mineral Eye Shadow
Makeup: Watch Out For Discoloured Lips!
Makeup: Tips for Using Spray Foundation
Makeup: 30 Second Make Overs
Nails: What Are the Best Nail Strengtheners
Nails: Are UV Nails the New Thing?
Nails: The Advantages of Press On Nails
Skincare: Repairing Dry Heels
Skincare: Is There a Best Oily Skin Cleanser?
Skincare: Tanning Safely
Skincare: Chapped Lip Prevention
Skincare: What Makes Your Lips Crack?
Skincare: How to Get Healthy Hands
Skincare: How to Use Sculptra
Body & Mind: Change Your Thoughts, Change Yourself
Body & Mind: Going to the Bar Without the Guilt
Body & Mind: Pain – Nature’s Way of Alerting You
Body & Mind: How to Enjoy the Beauty Shop
Body & Mind: Why Am I So Tired?
Health & Wellness: Easy and Practical Tips to Improve Your Health and Beauty
Health & Wellness: Boost Your Red Cell Supply
Health & Wellness: Do They Have a Cold?
Health & Wellness: How Asthma Causes Yeast Infections
Health & Wellness: What Are Parabens for Anyway?
Health & Wellness: Benefits of Pomegranate Extract
Health & Wellness: Caring for Your Beauty Care Products
Health & Wellness: Approved by the FDA?
Health & Wellness: Easing that Scratchy Throat
Health & Wellness: Exercises for the Jaw Line
Health & Wellness: Getting Rid of That Double Chin
Health & Wellness: Cosmetic Marketing – Fact and Fiction
Health & Wellness: Restoring HGH Naturally
Health & Wellness: Why Should You Get a Partial Knee Replacement
Health & Wellness: Hot Water Bottles Are Making A Comeback
Health & Wellness: Nix the Itchy Throat
Health & Wellness: Treating Toenail Fungus
Health & Wellness: Why a Humidifier Is Good
Male Beauty & Health: The Prostate – The Overlooked Gland
Male Beauty & Health : Yes, Real Men Wear Make Up
Male Beauty & Health: Good Hair Days for Men
Male Beauty & Health: Deodorant Made for A Man
Male Beauty & Health: What to Expect When Starting P90X

Health, Mind & Body
May 30
Marnie Peterson
Draft2Digital, LLC

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