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Beauty and The Brawler: Luciano “The Philly Brawler” Antonelli wasn’t one unaccustomed to fighting. Throwing his fists the majority of his life to better his existence had simply become a fundamental part of his day to day routine. It won him fights as a homeless little street urchin, it warned others not to test the ability of his restraint and it even garnered him a championship belt in the ring as a boxer. However, after one night spent with the woman he’s wanted from the first moment he heard the low, sweet, cadence of her voice, Luciano quickly realizes his brawn won’t gain him any ground in dealing with Samara Blackwell. Lucky for him, it seems that his successful seduction tactics have worked. Perhaps a little too well… Now he’s thinking up lullabies and trying to determine how to convince the radio star that he wants her for more than just the life resting on the inside of her ever growing belly. If the behavior of his obstinate little media queen is any indication than it just might be time to step into the ring once again. He’s never backed down from a fight before and he’s not about to start now…

Flaws and All: Two months without sex has left Luciano Antonelli on the proverbial edge of sanity as the need for his wife’s touch, kiss, and scent wears on him constantly.Giving her body extra time to heal after the birth of their newest addition seemed like such a noble gesture at one point…until he realized the consequences of said nobility. And now the night has come where he can finally get his hands, mouth, tongue and other, less gentlemanly, parts all over her. There seems to be one problem. His bella has the ridiculous theory that his attraction to her has faded in the midst of a few added pounds. What Samara Antonelli clearly doesn’t comprehend is that he finds even her preconceived flaws blindingly beautiful. Ah, but she will. Because he intends to show her over and over and over again…

February 8
Nikki Winter
Draft2Digital, LLC

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