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Before E. L. James and Sylvia Day, there was Anne Rice: Discover Beauty’s Kingdom, the fourth novel in the bestselling Sleeping Beauty series 

Mega-bestselling author Anne Rice, writing as A. N. Roquelaure, returns to the mysterious kingdom of Queen Eleanor in this new chapter of her Sleeping Beauty series. When the great queen is reported dead, Beauty and Laurent return to the kingdom they left twenty years before. Beauty agrees to take the throne, but she insists that all erotic servitude be voluntary. Countless eager princes, princesses, lords, ladies, and commoners journey to Beauty’s realm, where she and her husband usher in a new era of desire, longing, and ecstasy. Provocative and stirring, Rice’s imaginative retelling of the Sleeping Beauty myth will be adored by her longtime fans and new readers of erotica just discovering the novels.
This book is intended for mature audiences.

April 21
Penguin Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

archetype67 ,

Comparatively disappointing

2.5 This is the fourth of the famous trilogy - long before the 50 Shades drivel. Sadly, this one was disappointing compared to the others. Not that the original three were great works of art, but they were more entertaining, more exploring, and as books had more overall tension. The shifting POV between characters isn't a problem, but changing from between characters and 1st and 3rd didn't work here. The plot was simplistic and predictable and could have been so much more. The exploration of a complex topic was shallow and not done justice. And it isn't that erotic works can't have good plots and real exploration of that erotic world, but this just falls short. The good news was I bought it on a "under $3.00" sale.

Pastry chef 1982 ,

A waste

I read the Sleeping Beauty Trilogy years ago, and loved every word of them. Perhaps, Ms. Rice, should have reread her own work. This book seems poorly conceived, and badly written. The plot is scattered and meanders in a maddeningly slow way. I didn’t find anything erotic about the “erotic” scenes. Worst of all the descriptive narration was overwrought with a Tolkien-esque, too-flowery, and distracting drudgery.

Read the original trilogy, and skip this phantom of a forty book. It’s not worth the money or the time it takes to suffer through it.

Cristykins ,


I felt like she was trying too hard. The story was told from at least 6 points of view. The beginning was extremely slow and seemed almost like young adult... Except for the erotica of course. Although I liked the conclusion and the way Beauty solves her "dilemma", I almost wish I hadn't read this book and the story had ended after the third book.

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