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Marc Polinski is known for having fun, always smiling, and being a third wheel for his friends, Noah and Meredith. A rare one night stand at a Halloween party and running into the woman again sets Marc on a path of no return. He can’t walk away from her, even if he wanted to, and he absolutely doesn’t want to do that.

Elizabeth Boyd hasn’t dated in a long time and if it wasn’t for her sister-in-law, she wouldn’t have been pushed toward the seemingly bad idea of Marc Polinski. She’s not sure she wants to date, but she can’t seem to turn Marc down either. Little by little, she lets Marc wiggle past all of her defenses.

Their relationship is rocky from the start, and with both of them having demons and secrets, things between them are a struggle. Will they be able to overcome their pasts, let each other in, and start building a life together or will they find they were doomed from the start?

February 20
Lindsay Paige Inc
Lindsay Paige Inc

Customer Reviews

Jasminepzk21 ,

Cute funny romance

I really liked it , i loved the secrets hidden in their lives and how they dealt with it , i loved marc’s jokes and i really loved his personality, but the problem of this was that there was no really dram part in the story i mean it had its ups and downs but I guess i wanted more

Cddg03 ,

Love it!

Because It's You is the second book in Lindsay Paige's Carolina Rebels series, which is a great hockey romance series that I would recommend. This book features the ever-so-confident Marc Polinski who is obsessed with a girl he met at a team Halloween party and Elizabeth Boyd, who hasn't dated in awhile and doesn't know what came over her during Halloween. In this book, Noah and Meredith makes appearances and we also meet more team members, including Ian, who will be featured in Carolina Rebels #2.5.

When Elizabeth's sister-in-law sets the two up in a desperate attempt to get Elizabeth dating again, their instant chemistry that had ignited from Halloween bubbles over and Marc falls for her quickly. Throughout the story, Elizabeth's past haunts her, preventing her from giving into her true feelings for Marc. She's so scared to trust him and let herself be loved and he's so sure that he is exactly what she needs.
Lindsay's writing always tugs at my heartstrings, so I love reading her books to get caught up in the poignant emotions of her stories. This book was no exception, although Elizabeth was difficult to like, at first. Her story and past is reveal as the novel goes on and with each new reveal, her character becomes more likable and more understood. However, Marc is unfailing in his love and faith for Elizabeth and the metaphorical mountains that he climbs for her makes me swoon for him all over again. I loved Noah, but Marc is now my new favorite Rebel.

I love all of Lindsay's books and highly recommend her writing to anyone. This series is refreshingly real and honest that I truly enjoyed each Carolina Rebel novel and look forward to the future books in this series! *I received a free Advance Reader Copy in exchange for my honest thoughts/opinions of the author's book.*

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