Becoming John

Anorexia's Not Just for Girls

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What image comes to mind when you think of Anorexia? Size Zero models floating down the catwalk? Pictures of celebrities in magazines plastered with headlines screaming Thin, Starvation, Skeleton? Or a young girl, wasting away in front of those who love her, desperately trying to be thin? Im sure very few of you will see a young man pounding the treadmill to get rid of an extra few calories. Nor will you think of the same young man throwing his dinner in the bin because the thought of eating anything repulses him. These are the images that John Evans thinks of every day, because John Evans is that young man, and Anorexia Nervosa has been his life for fifteen years.

In Becoming John: Anorexias Not Just For Girls, John seeks to explode the myth that Eating Disorders are a female-only problem. Frustrated at the dearth of literature devoted to the subject of Eating Disorders in males, he has attempted to fill that void, at least in part. There are many thousands of male sufferers in Britain, some suffering in silence, some receiving treatment, some, like the author, on the road to recovery. It is hoped that Becoming John will at least provide a voice for this men and maybe even help some of those with no idea of where to turn to or where to find the strength to seek help. Tracing his illness from its origins in the sadness and bullying of his childhood through to the obsessions and the rituals of his adult life, John details how his relationship with Anorexia became the most important factor in his existence. Extracts from his diary detail the struggles of his four-month inpatient admission, attempting to battle his demons and to carve his niche as the only male on a ten-patient ward. Johns story details the occasional highs and much more pervasive lows of living with Anorexia, ever aware of the damage being done but feeling utterly impotent when looking for a way to fight back.

By sharing his Eating Disorder with a public audience, John hopes to further weaken the hold it has over him, because nothing hurts Anorexia more than being exposed and being attacked from all angles. Maybe too, you may find something within these pages that helps you better understand the mind of an anorexic, whether you be a Health Care Professional, a carer, or someone who, like John at the start of his journey, just cant understand why they dont eat something.

Becoming John: Anorexias Not Just For Girls is a rollercoaster of emotions and belief, of fight and of hopelessness. Something in these pages will touch you, something in these pages could help you fight back.

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