Book 1 - An Infinites Universe Novel

Becoming Justice

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Publisher Description

Cassie Beckson's buried her family. Now, she'll bury whoever is responsible.

Cassie's always been a fighter, but nothing could prepare her for the night her family was taken from her. The police say it was an overdose, but Cassie knows the truth. It was murder—and she's determined to make the killer pay.

Desperate for answers, Cassie lands a job as a bartender at the exclusive club her brother frequented. But what she finds there is beyond her wildest imagination—a secret society of powerful individuals bound by magic and darkness. And at the center of it all is the club's hot owner, Dexter Marin.

Despite her suspicions, Cassie finds herself drawn to Dex, and their connection is more than just physical. Bound by a magical contract to protect her, he's willing to risk everything to keep her safe. But as Cassie delves deeper into the club's secret, she realizes that even Dex might have something to hide. With vengeance in her heart and justice on her mind, Cassie will stop at nothing to find the killer.

When she uncovers a plot to expose Dex and his abilities to the world, she's forced to make a choice—continue down the path of revenge, or stand by Dex's side and fight for their love and their lives.

*Ten percent of book proceeds will be donated to programs that benefit women*

December 12
Write To Read Publishing, LLC
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

probzlost ,

Searching for her Brother’s Killer

It's an interesting start to an urban fantasy series. The blurb is what drew me to the book. I liked the idea of someone going undercover to investigate crime and search for justice. Though, there were some hurdles to go through to finish the story.
Some of the pacing seemed off to me; time either flew by or went slow with every detail being described. I liked the plot and the magical world the author created, but sometimes the details seemed misplaced when mentioned in the story, like why is this description placed here because ended up interrupting the flow and action of the story right now.
I liked the details that went into the magical world and look forward to its expansion in the next books in the series!

I liked Cassie! She was a good lead. She had her own flaws and owned them (and on occasion tried to bury them to deal with them later like a mature adult). Sometimes, I did wonder what she was doing, but it honestly worked with her characterization (push away people who you like, so you don't disappoint them). Dex is a good foil for her, being less impulsive and more logical to Cassie's "let me find my own justice" vibe. He's honestly a cinnamon roll who takes care of Cassie even when she won't admit she needs help.

The story can be read as a standalone. It has references drug use (overdose), death of family members, contains violence (not particularly explicit, but enough that you know what happens), there's some steam (not explicit, also not drawn out), and some insta-love vibes (at least I think it is insta-love because I honestly have no idea how much time passes, but it feels like the love is pretty quick).

yanasmama ,

Great read!

Thoroughly enjoyed!

HcreedMD ,

So unique

While not a romantic suspense I am so glad that I read this book because I have not read anything else like it and I absolutely devoured it. Already bought books 2 and 3!

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