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Steve and Donna Houpe successfully blended their two families to become one with many parts. As pastors of one of the fastest growing churches in Kansas City, they lived through the twists and turns of making two families, plus a few more, come together and, at the same, time grew a thriving ministry. You will find amazing and practical insight for making this modern day dilemma really work.

Blended families have become almost the norm in America today and the challenges they present are great - now more than ever there is a demand for practical and spiritual counsel on bringing families together. Steve and Donna Houpe answer the tough questions with the love and hope families need. Be encouraged by the humorous and sometimes intense stories of bringing Steve and Donna's diverse families together and, with God's help, developing healthy relationships with one another.

Pastors, counselors, and those starting a blended family will find sound, scriptural advice and practical tools to overcoming the challenges of bringing many different backgrounds into the same home.

"It is my good pleasure to introduce to some and present to others, the wisdom, the logic and the insight of two very fine people who not only married each other but also married each other's children and then taught the children to be coupled with each other."

Bishop T.D. Jakes

Senior Pastor, The Potter's House, Dallas, Texas

"As a pastor's wife and minister, I believe every pastor and counselor should read this book. It can be a help and a blessing to counseling those who are entering second marriages. I highly recommend this book."

Dr. Betty R. Price

First Lady of Crenshaw Christian Center, Los Angeles, California

"Dr. Steve Houpe and his wife, Donna, give insight and practical methods on how to bring two families together. They have developed precise and practical tools for developing healthy relationships with God and with one another. This writing grew out of their own experiences as they struggled and sought God for answers. Their lives have proven that there is HOPE!"

Germaine Copeland

President of Word Ministries, Good Hope, Georgia

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February 16
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