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Wealthy Dante Callaghan certainly earned his reputation as a playboy, but now that he’s caring for his younger sister, he’s happily exchanged night clubs and one-night-stands for cartoons and play dates. Moreover, for the first time in his life, he’s interested in committing to one special woman. Unfortunately, Aurora LeMonde doesn’t want anything to do with him.


Despite her undeniable attraction to Dante, Aurora’s convinced her happily ever after depends on a different man. When she’s proven wrong, Aurora’s not strong enough to turn down the comfort of Dante’s arms. Only once Dante touches her, Dante’s all she can think of, and soon she realizes he’s the only man to ever truly touch her heart.


When Aurora discovers she’s pregnant with Dante’s baby, will she trust that her child’s father is also the man of her dreams? And will Dante stop settling for a piece of Aurora and finally claim all of her, body and soul?

November 1
Virna DePaul
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Agent$$$$ ,

Second Chances, True Love

Aurora's had a crush on her boss for YEARS. While at a fundraiser, she finally realizes it will never happen between she and Gio as he is in love with Rose. In effort to forget about Gio, she takes Dante up on his offer. Dante, a sexy powerful business man, has been after Aurora for years. Before he gained custody of his sister, he was quite the ladies man. Knowing his reputation and her feelings for Gio, Aurora has always turned him down at every offer. This time, she decides to go for it.

Dante has been pining for Aurora since he first met her. He finds her unbelievably sexy and smart, but he's never been able to convince her to go out with him. When she tells him she wants to go home with him, he jumps at the chance. But after a night of passion, he wakes up to find himself alone. He tries reaching out to her even sending her flowers, but she avoids him at all costs.

Six weeks later, Aurora discovers she's carrying Dante's baby. Not sure of how to tell him, her mother suggests she get to know him in case things go south and he wants to fight for custody. While getting to know Dante, Aurora discovers she didn't really know him at all. She discovers he's not the ladies man she thought he was. She also sees the "fatherly" side of him as he takes care of his sister. Then he utters the words she never wanted to hear--he doesn't want to have children. Although she's devasted, she understands as Dante's haunted by his own childhood. Dante, on the other hand, has fallen in love with Aurora. He sees her as completing his family. When he walks in on her in an embrace with Gio, he is devasted. He mistakenly thinks she's in love with Gio, so he breaks it off not knowing she's carrying his baby.

I LOVED this story. I liked learning about Aurora's creole New Orleans heritage. As a RN, I also enjoyed Virna spotlighting an uncommon disease--Von Willebrand's. So many storylines effectively entwined to make one wonderful story! I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.

T1darryl ,

Great Story

Dante and Aurora couldn't have been a better story.

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